We're near the end of 2016 and it's got us thinking about the future trends of vending.

Selection of products in one Doozy machine

  1. Healthy Lifestyle - An increase in obesity, particularly in children has motivated people to try and make changes. Earlier this year the Government announced that they would introduce the 'sugar tax' on drinks in the next two years. In the near future, this will influence a lifestyle change and a stronger desire for healthier products in vending as well as in restaurants and supermarkets.
  2. Technology - Apps, apps and more apps. Relatively unexplored by vending so far but plans have begun. Customers regularly ask for loyalty apps and with the use of apple pay and contactless on the rise it appears the more techy future is likely!
  3. Busy Schedules - We do like to pack a lot in nowadays. People are always eating on the go meaning the demand for easy to eat but decent grab food is growing.