Bored of the gym? Can't stand going for a run? Well look no further, we may have found the answer for your exercising needs. From yoga to boxing our fitness opportunities are growing and the excuses dwindling. So for all the gym haters, this is for you! 

Aerial Yoga -

What is it? Originating in New York. It incorporates traditional yoga moves whilst resting on a silk hammock raised of the ground. This class offers greater flexibility than traditional yoga so even if yoga isn't your thing, this class is worth a go!

Where can I start? Flying Fantastic who offer these classes.

Pole Fitness - 

What is it? This acrobatic fun workout strengthens and tones by combining pole tricks that involve stretching and suspension with dance moves. Good for both upper and lower body but most importantly your core! This class varies from pole dancing to pole tricks to free style. 

Where can I start? This type of exercise is becoming more mainstream and is now available across the UK. You can take part at Funky Monkey Studio and Pole Fitness.

Trampoline Fitness

What is it? Incorporating elements of trampolining, resistance and dynamic movements. This is one of those activities that disguises exercise by making people laugh and have fun!

Where can I start? There is a few companies who provide these classes, including Oxygen Jump and Boogie Bounce.

Bungee Cardio -

What is it? Arguably the newest of the group, this fun fitness trend started in Bangkok, Thailand. Everyone wants to fly right? Well soon you will be able to. Described as a bit of an adrenaline rush, it works on your strength while adding in cardio, allowing people to perform manoeuvres they wouldn't usually be allowed to do. Routines are a mix of dance and aerobics - a full body workout.

Where can I start? These classes are not available in the UK yet, but watch this space! 

Bungee session - curtesy of PopSugar Entertainment