So many people want to be a healthier version of themselves and find themselves yo-yo dieting and not seeing any results. Yo- yo dieting is where you stick to a strict diet and then ultimately fall back into bad habits until you decide to diet again.

Now, here at Doozy, we are not fitness coaches in any way but we do have the knowledge on which foods will turn your ‘diet’ into a healthy lifestyle by stocking our machines with foods that can allow you to indulge whilst still meeting your goals.

If you want to loose weight for the final time or just become a healthier you, this does not mean that you should cut out treats completely. Do you know why? It has been suggested that there is a 99% chance of giving up on your diet if you cut out treats completely. This is because your body craves them so much that it cannot resist without them and eventually you cave and binge.

So, how does Doozy come into this? We stock a selection of high protein, low fat and low calorie treats that will easily fit into your macro and calorie count. Allowing yourself to have these treats that fit with your diet will mean that you can pursue it for longer and ultimately turn it into a lifestyle change.

For example, Grenade Bars are just as tasty (if not more) than a Mars bar but provides 20g more of protein along with other nibbles you’ll find in a Doozy machine.

Are your goals to eat more protein, lower your calorie intake, go vegan or are you just looking for a tasty treat? Take a look at the poster below for more information on how to turn your diet into a lifestyle change by eating the right foods but still enjoying great flavours.



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