Why we Choose 918 Coffee

Here at Doozy we only provide the best for our consumers which is why we source our coffee locally from 918 Coffee Co. Like us they are innovators and when they noticed the amount of waste they were producing they explored new ways to reduce this. They came up with eco-roasting which uses the power of used coffee grounds to create the thermal energy which is used to roast fresh coffee. Since creating this technology it has evolved and is now being used globally. 

There are many benefits to using this type of technology including it meaning that 100% of the coffee roasting bi product is repurposed whether its for heating fuel or fertilising fields. Even the packaging is fully recyclable and can be reused in the future. They call this the ‘Closed Loop System’ as the whole process goes full circle to create the least environmental impact possible to create a more sustainable future.

They are constantly improving their product in order to find ways to make it even more sustainable, such as selling it in bulk to reduce packaging waste and researching various materials that can be recycled into new things to give it an extended life while still maintaining the product’s high quality to ensure freshness.

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