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“Doozy ticks all the boxes with its innovative and contemporary approach, redefining not just vending but the entire experience.”

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Healthy Vending

We’ve shattered expectations of vending by stripping sugary drinks and fatty snacks from our menu. Our range boasts a variety of gluten-free and vegan products, along with high protein and fibre options.

Our carefully curated Doozy menu shifts the spotlight from nutritionally void, generic products to a healthier array of alternatives. Now that’s healthy vending.

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What We Do

As healthy attitudes swept the nation, addressing the growing demand called for a vending solution that not only satisfies tastebuds but also delivers nutritious products. Introducing Doozy*, delivering precisely what it promises. Plus rich and delicious coffee, convenient cashless options and eco-conscious practices.

*/’du:zi/ noun, something outstanding or remarkable of its kind.

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Coffee Machines

Our hot drinks machines make the perfect companion to our healthy vending machines or a standout choice on their own. We proudly serve Fairtrade eco-roast coffee, decadent hot chocolates and soul-soothing teas – all brewed with heart. These irresistible beverages have captured our customers across our sites and have become a beloved staple at our Doozy headquarters as well.

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Revive Vending

All the love and attention of Doozy, with a varied selection of snacks and cold drinks, plus a different look. While Revive includes a range of traditional vending products, healthy options occupy the top sections of the machine — a real mixed bag for a solution that requires both choices.

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