The Doozy Experience

Welcome to the new way of healthy vending, celebrating healthier alternatives, delicious coffee and craft. We create and look after stylish ‘grab and go’ locations and beautifully designed unmanned cafés,  so you can enjoy a space away from your everyday.


Our Roots

The Doozy dream stemmed from conversations about healthy vending. We wondered “is the UK ready for healthy vending?” “Are the right products out there?”. As the coffee trend has exploded across the nation, and talks about protecting the environments have reached breaking point it became obvious that a blend of delicious coffee, sustainability and healthier alternatives would make the ultimate vending solution. And so, Doozy was born.

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Healthy Vending

Your health is important to us and making good choices about healthy snacks and drinks shouldn’t be a hard task. We’ve searched high and low for the best healthier vending alternatives available (believe us – we’ve tried them all!). You will love our handpicked Doozy selection, where 80%  are tasty healthier alternatives and 20% are indulgent treats.

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For Businesses

Do you want a Doozy? From a ‘grab & go’ corridor location to an entire unmanned café – we can help! Step this way for reliable, beautifully designed,  healthy vending. Doozy can fit perfectly in a variety of places, including hospitals where it fits the CQUIN guidelines and universities and colleges where the students go mad for its’ unique, eco-friendly design.


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