Salisbury District Hospital

In response to a decade-long push for healthier options within the NHS, Doozy Healthy Vending emerged as the ideal solution. Recognizing the critical need for nutritious choices for staff, visitors, and patients, the NHS turned to us. Operating 24/7, Doozy Healthy Vending seamlessly aligns with the demands of this vital organization, providing accessible and health-conscious refreshments around the clock.

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The University of Portsmouth

The University of Portsmouth, with 25,000 students, sought to enhance the well-being of its students and staff. Enter our Doozy Healthy Vending machines, strategically implemented to offer a selection of healthier products and exceptional coffee. Whether during bustling daytime activities or late-night study sessions, our machines stand as reliable companions, ensuring access to quality refreshments for the university’s dynamic population.

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New Forest Leisure Centres

In the management of five distinct leisure centres, each with its unique requirements, the New Forest Council seeks a flexible vending solution that aligns seamlessly with its commitment to wellness and fitness. These centres, serving as hubs for promoting healthier lifestyles, have found an ideal partner in Doozy.

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