Healthy Vending

The ongoing discussions about obesity placing an overwhelming burden on our healthcare system have brought about the importance of maintaining good health to the forefront of everyone’s minds. With this in mind, we’ve curated a selection of deliciously health-conscious options.

From the delightful Graze snacks to the satisfying crunch of Eat Real crisps to the flavourful and refreshing Cawston drinks, we adore our healthy vending products and we believe you will too.


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Coffee Machines

Doozy coffee is Fairtrade, eco-roasted and tastes barista-made. All of our machines pay a visit to Doozy HQ for testing before they settle into their new home so each humble cup of tea, luxurious hot chocolate or silky latte, is made to perfection, every time.

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The Benefits of Doozy

What captivates your interest in Doozy – our environmental initiative or the enticing array of healthy products? Explore the many ways our Doozy vending solution could bring substantial advantages to your organisation.

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