Outstanding coffee is now an essential part of our everyday life. It helps wake us up in the morning and keeps us going during the day. We are incredibly proud of our Doozy coffee. It is eco roasted and Fairtrade. The coffee machines are set up by our trained engineers to ensure they produce the perfect drinks before they reach their new home.

Our premium coffee machines serve a variety of hot drinks. From a frothy cappuccino to a warming cup of tea. Or is a luxury hot chocolate more your thing? Whatever your drink preference, we’ve got you covered. The machines themselves are of the highest energy standard and are capable of handling a large number of drink sales.


Coffee machines eco roast bagEco roasted coffee

During our hunt for the perfect coffee beans for our Doozy coffee machines, we found 918 Coffee. This innovative company, based a short drive from us, holds the answer to truly ethical coffee. A solution called Eco Roast. The team bring back used coffee grounds to Doozy HQ. When 918 Coffee delivers our fresh new bags of coffee beans, they take away the old grounds and use them as energy to roast the new beans. It really is a circular coffee economy.


Freeze-dried milk

Fresh milk might sound like a good idea but there are a variety of problems with using it. To start with, the machines need a large amount of fresh milk to fill them. The second problem is that fresh milk has a short shelf life. This means that often a large quantity will go to waste. Our freeze-dried milk has no other ingredients, just fresh milk, freeze-dried to last longer. It is 100% skimmed so low in fat too. Because it is not a liquid there is little spillage when added to the coffee machine. And yet, these little dried milk granules make a delicious hot drink.


Coffee Machines unplumbed


Fairtrade & Rainforest Alliance

It is important to us where our products are sourced from. All our hot drinks are Fairtrade and/or Rainforest Alliance Certified. In short, Fairtrade ensures that those who produce our coffee get paid a fair price. In addition, they work with the communities, helping to build a better future for those who live there. The Rainforest Alliance is a non profit organisation working across businesses, agriculture and forests to make responsible businesses the new norm. They work both to protect our planet and improve livelihoods. By purchasing these products, we can make a difference to the lives, communities and environments for those who grow the things we love.


Plumbed or unplumbed coffee machines

Not sure where your coffee machine should go? No problem. We can trial coffee machines at any location, even if there is no water point available. Once a trial is proved successful, there is then a justification to have water installed so that the machine can be plumbed in. If the trial is unsuccessful, we can simply remove at no cost and trial somewhere else until we find the best location.


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