As a nation, we are finally starting to take sustainability seriously and acting towards protecting our planet. At Doozy, we have always had sustainability at the forefront of our minds. However, there is always more that can be done. Since the very first Doozy, we have only used wood from sustainable forests to cover our machines and have always provided ethical hot drinks. The brands we fill our machines with are often local and/or use innovative packaging and ideas. Our biggest challenge currently is the amount of single-use plastic in the machines, but we believe we are close to an answer. CSR goes far beyond empty promises at Doozy.


Ethical hot drinks

Our planet ethical coffee

Our coffee is something special. We collect the old grounds and give them a new lease of life. They are picked up by our coffee company, 918 Coffee, who use them to roast the new coffee beans. Our delicious hot drinks selection is Fairtrade and/or Rainforest Alliance certified. You can enjoy your latte or tea, safe in the knowledge that it has been sourced ethically. Read more about our ethical hot drinks on our Coffee Machines page.


Plastic-free vending

Nearly all the plastic ever created still exists in some form today. Let that sink in. To combat the damage plastic has on the environment, we have set a goal to create a plastic-free vending solution. This is no easy task, but it is highly necessary and possible. Single-use plastic is a huge problem across the world and vending is no exception. To create a vending solution with no single-use plastic, we must work with suppliers to reimagine packaging.

Read more about our thoughts and plans for plastic-free vending.


Coffee cups

single coffee cup our planet

Our latest sustainability efforts involve the team who make our coffee cups. They are testing a new cup which can be recycled via any waste paper recycling bin, saving thousands of single-use cups from landfills. The coffee cup conversation came to a head a few years ago when the government suggested a latte levy for customers who used single-use cups. The levy was not put through but the discussions brought to light the colossal amount of single-use cups that end up in the bin. Only a minuscule 2% make it to the recycling centre. This is because of a thin, plastic lining inside the cup which has to be stripped and recycled separately. There are only a few centres in the UK which can strip these components, so despite eco-conscious consumers putting cups in the recycling bins, they still end up in landfill. Of course, reuse is often best where possible, all of our machines can take reusable coffee cups.

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