The Doozy healthy vending journey so far

Our journey to healthier vending started in 2014. With 20 years of traditional vending under our belts we started to  search for healthier alternatives that tasted just as good as the old favourites. Once this proved possible (yes healthier products can be just as tasty, we were surprised too!) our journey to supply healthier vending machines  had well and truly begun.


Traditional vending vs healthy vending 

 The obesity crisis is now at an all-time high in the UK. ‘Hospital admissions where obesity is a factor have more than doubled in England during the last 4 years’ (Source: BBC). We all know that the sugar tax has come into play to hopefully start to change this but here at Doozy we want to do our bit tooTraditional vending is stereotypically all about chocolate, crisps and sugary drinks. Vending is not always considered a healthy option and sometimes gets a bad reputation, but we are on a mission to change that. Over the last few years we have supplied healthy vending machines within the UK and our clients and customers love them! Our machines are in a range of locations from colleges and universities such as the University of Portsmouth to hospitals like Salisbury District all supplying some rather tasty yet surprisingly healthier products.


The bigger picture 

 In the UK, there are approximately 462,700 machines vending around 6 billion items per year’ (Source: Vogue). The readily available and tempting products can make choosing a healthy option a difficult one. Pretty much the same argument as whether chocolate should be stocked at the tills in supermarkets (but that’s a whole different story!). Doozy’s mission is to not wait for the government to put restrictions on products, but instead to set our own guidelines. We are constantly searching for new products to give our customers a healthier option.



So how can we help the obesity crisis?

This isn’t going to be solved overnight. But we are offering a healthier alternative to traditional vending to provide people with a choice. By suppling Doozy healthier vending machines we are able to give thousands of people that choice and take away some of the temptation (especially the ‘I have had a really bad day so I definitely deserve this’ impulse purchase). We pride ourselves on knowing that the products supplied in our machines are tasty (we taste test ourselves) and have a better nutritional content than their traditional counterparts. You can have a peak at the types of products we choose Here

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