What’s Trending in Vending?


The humble vending machine is the most exciting part about the trip to any leisure centre and the watering hole in an office; typically filled with chocolate bars, energy drinks, sandwiches—all the usual suspects.


How about this for a twist: imagine designer handbags and expensive perfumes, bottles of champagne and whiskey chilled to its optimum temperature—all available in the same vending machine. Now that is the epitome of convenient luxury!


Enter Bright Blue, where vending machines are reimagined and industry standards are forgotten in the rear-view mirror.


Bright Blue is shaking up the scene by giving elderly vending machines a high-tech makeover. With their expertise, old machines become digital-billboard-vending-machine hybrids, opening avenues for marketing in vending that were previously unimaginable.


Bright Blue have mastered the art of marrying the old with the new and their latest installation is no exception.


Bright Blue high end retail vending machine

Bright Blue’s high-end retail machines on display at Vendex, 2024.


Digital age meets symbol of industrial heritage; Bright Blue debuted their high-end retail machine at the iconic and historic Battersea Power Station in 2024.


This futuristic machine fits right in at the converted power station turned shopping centre, renowned for its fashion giant tenants such as Chanel, Gucci and Louis Vuitton. However, they face a formidable opponent in the form of a less traditional, high-end, shopping experience.


bright blue high end retail vending machine

Picture taken by Doozy’s CEO and founder, Tim Varney, on a visit to their headquarters in Milton Keynes.


These machines are equipped with red-hot technology. Using artificial intelligence, they can monitor the shoppers’ ages, gender and even mood. Customer analytics and insights are captured and fully available via remote monitoring.


Customers have a range of options to choose from, including delivery, subscriptions, or instant purchase. Plus, age verification software ensures that age-restricted purchases are both effortless and secure.


The marketing potential for this machine is unparalleled in its space. With front touch-screen carousels for advertisements and live access to product information, customers are in for an interactive and informative experience like never before.


It Is Ground-Breaking Technology and Design… Could This Be The Future of Shopping?

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