Happy Cappuccino Day to You!


Picture a world without coffee – a world where not one of the two billion cups consumed worldwide, every day exists. Imagine an early morning stripped of your comforting, freshly roasted, beloved beverage. Here’s why a group of goats deserves your thanks for preventing that reality.


It’s a tale dating back centuries and spanning across continents. The legend begins in the highlands of Ethiopia. Curious herders dared to sample the fruit of a certain tree that seemed to have bizarrely energised their flocks of goats. Sharing their discovery with a local monastery, some local monks successfully brewed the first cup of coffee to keep them wide awake during long days of prayer. Woohoo!

cappuccino being made

Across the Red Sea, coffee quickly became part of the culture in 15th-century, Yemen. But the spread of coffee culture didn’t stop there. Thanks to the treacherous journeys of travellers and traders, its popularity soared to new heights.


By the 17th century, in the heart of Venice, the first European coffeehouse opened its doors, igniting a trend that would soon sweep across the continent. The cherished cappuccino got its name from the colour of the hooded robes worn by the friars in Italy.


Today, coffee is a daily ritual for millions worldwide. This everlasting phenomenon transcends borders and when having a quick coffee with a friend, holds the power to spark meaningful conversations.


From its humble beginnings, invigorating goats in the hills of Ethiopia, all the way to each subsequent sip, the story is nothing short of remarkable. The cappuccino is now one of our most popular drinks so remember, by drinking your cappuccino, you are connected to a rich tapestry of history and culture. Just as the name Doozy suggests, it is something extraordinary.


To take part in this festivity, enjoy all the frothy and silky loveliness from a Doozy hot drinks machine!

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