At Doozy, we are on an uncompromising pursuit of excellence and this commitment extends to the coffee we proudly serve to our valued customers. That’s why we chose to source our coffee beans exclusively from 918 Coffee Co., a company that shares with us a passion for unconditional quality and eco-consciousness.


918 Coffee Co. is way more than just our coffee supplier; we believe they are true innovators in the realm of sustainability. Fuelled by their growing concern over the staggering amount of coffee waste generated by the industry, they embarked on a mission to pioneer new and ingenious ways to minimise their environmental footprint.


So, what’s the ground-breaking solution? Eco-roasting. This never-before-seen concept harnesses the latent energy contained within used coffee grounds to generate the heat necessary for roasting fresh coffee beans. Since its launch, this technology has proven its worth time and time again, setting a new and extremely high standard of eco-responsibility for the coffee production industry and beyond.


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The beneficial properties of eco-roasting are manifold. Not only does it impressively reduce waste, but it also ensures that 100% of the coffee roasting by-product is dutifully repurposed. Whether it’s used as fuel or to fertilise fields, every ounce of residual coffee can find a responsible and effective purpose. Even the packaging is designed with sustainability at the forefront of the clever minds at 918 being fully recyclable and primed for future reuse. This holistic approach is often referred to as a ‘closed loop system,’ where every stage of the process is circular, minimising environmental impact at every turn.


918 Coffee Co.’s unwavering commitment to sustainability is nothing short of admirable and we are proud to partner with them. But their story does not end here. They are continuously evolving, relentlessly seeking innovative ways to enhance their products and make a positive impact on our world.


One such example is their decision to offer their delicious, rich coffee exclusively in bulk, a move with the intent of reducing packaging production. This not only reflects their dedication to sustainability but also ensures that the focus remains squarely on the quality and flavour of their coffee. Our shared vision of delivering the finest coffee while minimising our environmental footprint defines our partnership. Together, we strive to set new standards of sustainability in this industry and lead in creating a greener future for coffee lovers everywhere.


Join us on this journey, one eco-friendly cup at a time! What do you think?

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