Well that’s a wrap on the holidays for another year. What a wonderful time it was too. Whilst your taking down your decorations, eating the remaining chocolate and reminiscing about how quickly time has gone – have a glance at what you can do to recycle unwanted items. 

Christmas Cards – Some materials, such as glitter, will make it difficult to recycle cards, however they can be upcycled. Save for handy craft materials, use them for projects or even new cards! Many of your cards however will be able to be recycled. This year Sainsbury’s have partnered with The Forest Stewardship Council and have collection boxes to recycle cards in the supermarkets.

Gift Wrap – As with cards, wrapping paper with glitter on or foil will not be able to be recycled. If opened carefully they can be upcycled, maybe to be used to cover boxes or books. Any other wrapping paper can go in the household recycling box.

Cardboard Boxes – Many houses are full of these after Christmas! Either used to protect presents or to hold children toys. Possibly the easiest thing to recycle though. Just take off any sticky tape and put it in the household recycling box.

Unwanted Decorations – They can donated to charity shops or perhaps you could donate them to local shops, churches or hospitals.

Live Christmas Trees – Many towns and cities have local drop of points or special collections or real trees. The trees are shredded into chipping which are then used locally in parks or woodland areas. Have a look for your nearest recycling area here.

Unwanted Presents – One persons waste is another treasure. Don’t throw away unwanted gifts, instead take them to a charity shop. Some goes for unwanted biscuits, sweets, etc – your local food bank will welcome these treats!

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