The NEO Q is something to write home about…


Innovation is vital to keeping with the times in a constantly evolving world. The vending industry is no exception but it’s not every day a new machine makes waves like these. Meet the all-new NEO Q, a machine that only just emerged on the scene and is already changing the refreshments game.


The NEO Q is a cutting-edge fusion of convenience, versatility and style. This sleek machine dispenses refreshing, filtered water, barista-quality, espresso-based drinks and a wide array of other drink options. Let’s delve into what it is exactly that makes the NEO Q a standout addition to the vending scope.


For coffee lovers, the NEO Q boasts a double bean system capable of brewing an extensive range of drink options while maintaining the highest quality standard. Whether you prefer a robust espresso or a silky latte, this machine has you covered. The NEO Q has something for everybody, from rich espresso to indulgent hot chocolate, aromatic teas and a wide variety more. The machine allows for recipe customisation, enabling each customer to tailor their beverage to their taste.


The coffee/ water machine combo places emphasis on the quality of its water. Its advanced filtration system ensures that the water dispensed is free from taste, odour and impurities, setting a new standard for water machines. As customers enjoy the refreshing, filtered water from the machine, they are drawn to the wide-ranging product menu; boosting the likelihood of sales by encouraging customers to indulge in one of the delicious beverages available.



The NEO Q is designed with the user in mind. Its intuitive interface ensures that receiving your favourite drink is a breeze. Allergen information is readily available, ensuring the utmost safety and accessibility for customers with allergies or specific dietary preferences.


One of the most striking features of the NEO Q is its versatility. The machine’s façade can be simply swapped to match your aesthetic preferences meaning a fresh look can be achieved in just five minutes (a bit like a phone case!). Moreover, it offers the widest range of beverage options yet, catering to the preferences and fancies of a diverse customer base.


The NEO Q is an innovative combination of quality, customisability, versatility and accessibility, poised to become a fixture in every office, factory and university.


As we continue to embrace new technologies, the NEO Q represents an opportunity for refreshments not just to be a matter of convenience but an experience to be enjoyed thoroughly.

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