As well as designing, creating and providing healthy vending machines, here at Doozy we pride ourselves on our Doozy designed coffee machines. Each coffee machine is recognisable, just like our vending machines and is often found alongside. Considering we have great morals when it comes to healthy vending, in terms of providing an offering which leads towards a healthier, brighter future, we wanted to also represent this with our coffee machines.


Coffee machine what we do

Eco- Roast Coffee

Our coffee suppliers, Eco Roast, notice the impact that the huge supply of coffee around the world has on our environment. This is why their core ethos is based around zero waste.

our planet planted coffee cups

How does Doozy help Eco- Roast to maintain zero waste?

Here at Doozy we work with Eco-¬†Roast to maintain ‘The Closed Loop System’, this means that our used coffee grounds are collected and returned to Eco-Roast, these are then recycled into energy rich bio-fuel which they use to produce the energy to roast fresh coffee.

Our planet ethical coffeeWhat more can Doozy do to minimise the environmental impacts of the mass supply of coffee in the UK?

The creation of ‘Eco Tubs’ has allowed us to get involved even more! Eco Tubs are provided by Eco- Roast, they deliver one full tub of coffee and one empty tub to use for our used coffee grounds. This means that returning and receiving from Eco-Roast is now even easier and it completely eliminates the need for packaging waste. When we receive a new tub, they simply take the old one away with the used coffee grounds.


& in addition to our coffee leaving zero waste and contributing towards a more ethical market, it TASTES GREAT! We may be biased but we really do think that it’s the best coffee around. But don’t just take our word for it, try it yourselves and let us know what you think- we love to hear from you.


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