I want a Doozy! How do I go about it?

Just contact us! Whichever is your preferred method. Give us a call, email us or send us a message via social media. Our head office is based in Salisbury, Wiltshire, so if you are local or in the area – pop in for a coffee!


What coffee beans do you use?

We have selected Eco-Roast coffee for our machines. 918 Coffee, whose office is nearby, provides us with delicious beans. Every time they drop off fresh beans, they pick up the used coffee grounds we have collected from our machines and take them back to their roastery. These grounds, rather than heading for landfill, are used to roast the new coffee beans.


I’ve heard Revive mentioned, are you the same company?

Revive has been around for over 30 years and is essentially our main overarching brand. Doozy was introduced in 2014 as the complete healthy vending option. We haven’t said farewell to Revive though. Traditional vending definitely still has a place, although we add a twist and still supply 60% healthy alternatives. You can find out more about Revive here.


Are your products CQUIN compliant?

Not only do our products fit within the CQUIN guidelines, but they are also unaffected by the sugar tax.


Does Doozy offer traditional products as well?

Yes! We can offer a combination of healthy and traditional products.


Do you use fresh milk?

We use freeze-dried milk. We have found that this works best in the machines. It tastes the same as fresh milk, but the longer life means less wastage and makes the perfect hot drink.


Are your vending machines CQUIN-compliant?

Of course, we ensure that all of our vending machines are CQUIN-compliant. All of our products are specifically chosen to be healthy anyway. But we always check they meet the CQUIN guidelines. You read the low down here.


Can I get in touch with you about stocking my healthy vending product?

Yes! We have a fantastic group of product suppliers who we work with. It is always lovely to hear from new brands. We can’t always put them in our machines, but we will definitely think about it. Please send an email to our product queen Sarah. sarah.varney@revivevending.com


I’ve had an issue with one of your machines – what do I do?

We always use the latest equipment which means are machines are mostly in tip-top condition. However, as always, technology isn’t perfect. If you would like to report an issue please send us a message using this form. If you have lost money please don’t worry, we will be able to refund you. Just fill in this form or give us a call. Please be aware that the card reader shouldn’t charge you if there is a machine fault. However, don’t hesitate to let us know and we can check our system.


What healthy products do you provide?

Our product menu changes regularly. This is our most recent product menu.


Do you cover the whole of the UK?

As a growing company, the area we cover is expanding. Currently, we are based in the South West of England and are able to provide a fully managed solution to areas within a few hours from our Salisbury base. It may be possible that our solution will work further afield. Give us a call so we can discuss options.


What types of payments do the machines take?

All of our machines are fitted with card readers as standard. It is possible to include a cash option, although many sites choose to be cashless due to its declining use. Card readers will accept most forms of card and mobile payments.


What dietary options do you cover with your products?

We try to cater for everyone, gluten-free, vegan-friendly, lactose intolerant or just someone looking to be that bit healthier.

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