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Changing Lives in Tanzania


Way back in 2003, a small but mighty charity called EdUKaid was set up in the UK. The goal: to improve the educational prospects of some of the most vulnerable children in Tanzania. Doozy’s CEO and founder, Tim Varney, is a member of their Trustee Board, and alongside his wife, Sarah, has proudly supported EdUKaid since its humble beginnings. Doozy shares its office space, supplies and amenities with this incredible charity to keep the necessary costs low and the donations where it matters. The love and support for the charity runs right through the company.


EdUKaid is dedicated to improving primary and pre-primary education in the South East Mtwara Region of Tanzania, where rural schools face significant challenges with limited government support and substandard infrastructure. The pre-primary classes, aged 4 to 6 years old, for various reasons often lack proper facilities and qualified teachers, leaving students without access to education, sometimes resorting to makeshift classrooms outside under the shade of a tree.


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EdUKaid is transforming lives in Tanzania with comprehensive school renovations that ensure every young learner has a designated classroom and improved sanitation facilities. By sponsoring pre-primary teachers and assistants, the charity guarantees that children don’t miss out on those critical early years of education. EdUKaid plays a life-changing role in the communities they support by facilitating access to education for disabled children and young girls through their inclusivity projects.


For more information about EdUKaid’s projects, please visit their website.


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Great Vending Get-Together


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For the 13th consecutive year, Doozy has organised the Great Vending Get-Together, a day of golfing and a night of dining, live music and a spirited auction – all in the spirit of raising funds for EdUKaid. We extend a heartfelt thanks for the collective efforts and invaluable support from the vending industry – their generosity has summated an impressive £225,000 raised and an unfathomably profound positive impact on the lives of more than 50,000 disadvantaged children in remote Tanzania.



20th Anniversary


Four years later, we joyously marked the 20th anniversary of EdUKaid’s journey. Tim Varney, Chair of Trustees, and Doozy founder and CEO, arrived in Mikindani, Tanzania, to join in the festivities. Unfortunately, due to a security threat related to potential risks for Westerners in the area, he had to hastily return to Dar es Salaam. You can learn more about Tim’s experience here. Despite the setback, the event was a resounding success. Doozy and EdUKaid have grown together for over 20 years – and hopefully, many more to come.



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