Doozy Beginnings


Over three decades ago, our parent company, Revive, started making waves in the vending industry. Revive was one of the first few vending companies to introduce card readers to vending machines and to track sales digitally. The latter allows us to care for our machines properly and efficiently stock them with the data to show which products sell the fastest. In 2014, Tim Varney, the visionary founder and CEO of Revive, developed something different, a giant leap of faith into the world of healthy vending – a concept that was still in its infancy.


The concept, aptly named, was Doozy*, a revolutionary endeavour that set us apart as pioneers in the industry. True to its name, Doozy was precisely what it promised.


*/’du:zi/ noun, something outstanding or remarkable of its kind.



Our Story healthy vending



The Big Idea – Healthy Vending


Over a decade ago, the legendary chef, Jamie Oliver, kicked off his crusade, drawing attention to the concerning prevalence of unhealthy snacks and drinks available to kids at school. His mission, which ignited widespread change, caught not only the government’s attention but ours as well. Intrigued by his campaign, we realised the need for substantial changes on our part and the broader vending industry.


We realised the call for a better vending solution extended beyond schools to include universities, hospitals, and leisure centres. Traditional vending machines are notoriously filled with sugary, calorie-laden products. Our transition to healthy vending had begun. We were determined not for a mere scattering of cereal bars but to construct an entire range of nutritious options.


Solent University proudly embraced our first Doozy machine in 2014, marking the beginning of a new era. And from that moment on, we’ve never looked back, determined to redefine vending with a deliciously nutritious twist.



A Very Doozy History:

a timeline of revive doozy accomplishments



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A Message From Our Founder

“‘Healthy vending won’t work. The products won’t sell. Hospitals, universities and colleges will lose revenue,’ they said. Sometimes in life, you have to turn up the music to drown out the noise and listen to what your gut tells you. This was one of those times!” – Tim Varney, founder and CEO.

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