Did you know that approximately one per cent of people around the world have coeliac disease?

In essence, a coeliac’s immune system responds abnormally to gluten (a protein found in wheat, barley, rye and their derivatives), damaging the lining of the small intestine in the process.

While your odds of being a coeliac are slim, you are not exempt from suffering at the hands of gluten too.

Gluten sensitivity is on the rise and there is no better time to try gluten-free snacks. Modern guts are being harmed by modern diets that tend to feature high levels of gluten. Now, gluten is easier to avoid than ever and there are a multitude of reasons why you should occasionally opt for these gluten-free alternatives.



Nakd Vegan Doozy snack

Completely Nakd

This raw fruit and nut Nakd bar of chocolate-orangey goodness is not only gluten-free – it’s also one of your five-a-day. Healthy eating has never tasted so good!


Healthy vending snacks urban fruit

Strawberry, mango, pineapple – oh my!

Urban Fruit offers an array of lip-smacking, gluten-free, dried fruit for on-the-go. Sometimes you need not look further than what nature has to offer.


Go nuts!

Nuts are jam-packed with healthy fats and protein. Grab a packet of

cashews or almonds for easy snacking that is kind to your gut. Speaking of Kind…


Healthy vending products


It’s the Kind thing to do

Gluten-free is easier to digest so be kind to your gut and choose Kind.


healthy vending snack eat real


Let’s Eat Real

Quinoa, hummus or lentil. Don’t mind if I do! Deliciously moreish, Eat Real are bringing the non-gluteny goods to the table. Not to mention, they are vegan too.



The realm of gluten-free snacking has emerged as a flavourful haven for the health-conscious, seeker of deliciousness. In fact, where different dietary preferences are growing more diverse, a newfound abundance of free-from choices guarantees everyone can enjoy a satisfying and tasty treat.

Doozy is no exception! Around fifty per cent of our products are gluten-free. So, whether you’re putting a gluten-free diet to the test simply to improve your overall well-being or you suffer from coeliac disease, there is a tasty gluten-free snack to suit every palate and nothing to lose by diversifying your snacking.

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