Are you scared yet?


On October 31st every year, tales of haunted houses, restless and malevolent spirits and ghostly activity send shivers down the spines of terrified Halloween fans. This festival, full of thrills and chills, is eagerly anticipated by enthusiasts of all things spooky, as it’s a night when the boundaries between the tangible world and the supernatural blur, inviting us to explore the hair-raising realm of the spooks and scares. Boo!


As the sun sets on the last day of October, the streets come alive with patrols of costumed trick-or-treaters—an assortment of witches, vampires and ghosts fashioned from old bed sheets. Porches along the street are adorned with carved pumpkins and apples are proficiently bobbed according to tradition. Pranks and playful scares are exchanged and frightening films are watched through partially covered eyes or behind a pillow’s protective embrace.


What better way to ward off the paranormal during this spooky season than with a scarily good Doozy hot chocolate? As Halloween approaches, the allure of this silky, indulgent beverage becomes all the more irresistible. It’s the perfect tonic for warming the soul and sending shivers of delight down your spine instead of fear.


Available alongside a variety of other hot drinks in our Doozy hot drinks machines, choose treat over trick and let the richness and decadence be a comfort while you embrace all things weird and wonderful.

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