I love visiting supermarkets abroad. It might sound silly but it’s fascinating…


I find myself strolling down the aisles, my eyes darting from one shelf to another, scanning the shelves, taking in all the vibrant and unfamiliar packaging. It’s such a simple joy at that moment when you, with the keen eye of a hawk, spot a familiar face between strangers – a product you know well amidst those you don’t. It might be a bag of Walkers’ crisps disguised as Lays, the assigned colour to flavour entirely different. These subtle distinctions become glaringly apparent when you’re so accustomed to one way and not the other.


For me, a mandatory stop is the sweets aisles, especially looking for Haribo. As a confectionary giant, Haribo has won over sweet-toothed persons worldwide with its iconic gummies. I relish discovering new flavours and hunting the shelves for recipes that are unavailable back at home.

yellow gummy bears

In some countries, you might find that their Haribo uses different ingredients. The texture might be chewier, or the sweetness more pronounced. This variation is the beauty of it – it’s all a matter of personal preference.


I decided to share my fascination with the folks at the Revive office. Thanks to Sarah’s thoughtfulness, a few weeks later, a couple of packets of Turkish Haribo Starmix appeared on my desk. Without wasting a moment, I eagerly grabbed a packet of the UK Haribo and flipped both packages over for a detailed examination, seeking out the nuances in their recipes. It became apparent that the Turkish version did not contain any pork gelatine or pork-derived ingredients, given Turkey’s predominantly Muslim population. Our Haribo guy suggested that the Turkish ones are miles better than the ones at home. This intriguing distinction in both taste and texture convinced me that a more in-depth investigation was warranted. And so, the Revive Haribo Home VS Away taste test was officially launched.


Staff member

Could tell the difference? Thoughts… Which is better?
1 YES The heart is yellow, not red. HOME
2 YES They taste sweeter. AWAY
3 NO The texture is chewier. HOME
4 YES Taste more artificial. HOME
5 NO They taste the same. AWAY


It looks like, somehow, the Revive office could identify the international Haribo. After all, it’s in those small differences where the true joy of exploration lies – even if it’s just within the aisles of the confectionary section.


So, if you find yourself in a supermarket abroad, make sure to check out the sweets section and let us know if you have the same silly fascination…

Big thank you to Automatic Retailer for supplying us with yummy Haribo!

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