Why Settle for Generic?


Irresistibly addictive and practically impossible to put down, crisps stand out as one of the top choices for snack enthusiasts. What could be more satisfying than the perfect blend of salty and crunchy in each bite? I know you’ve poured the broken crisps into your mouth straight from the bag – admit it. Yet, the traditional allure of crisps comes with a notorious downside – they’re often laden with unhealthy attributes like excess calories, saturated fat, and salt.


Over the past decade, we’ve witnessed a surge in demand for healthier alternatives. As people strive to align their snacking habits with their bustling lifestyles and health-conscious choices, the call for options that are not only delicious but also nutritionally sound has become increasingly clear.


So, why settle for generic crisps? With these better-for-you crisp alternatives, you can enjoy more crisps per serving (compared to generic full-fat options), plus punchy flavours and taste-bud satisfaction guaranteed. It’s a win-win – both in quantity and quality! Why allocate your daily macros to high-fat when you can savour guilt-free and more-ish snacks? Treat yourself to healthier alternatives to crisps and get more bang for your buck!




Popchips are much more than a flavour-packed treat with an undeniably satisfying crunch. Gluten-free with half the fat and fewer calories than ordinary crisps, this popped-not-fried snack offers guilt-free indulgence. Explore a range of flavours, from sweet and smoky barbecue to mouth-watering salt and vinegar, and tangy sour cream and chive.



UFIT Crunchers

For fitness-focused busybodies, UFIT Crunchers are the go-to crisp alternative, providing a protein-packed punch with 8g per bag. Also, high in fibre and 60% less fat, UFIT Crunchers are popped not fried, making them a deliciously nutritious choice that satisfies the tastebuds with fiery Smokin’ BBQ and punchy Sweet Chilli. Also, they’re without gluten and vegan.