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Greetings curious minds and seekers of knowledge! The answers you require might be just a question away. Welcome to Doozy Questions and Answers, where we tackle some of your frequently asked questions.


Question: Do you accept Apple Pay or Google Pay?

Answer: Yes, all our machines are fitted with card readers that accept mobile payment as standard.


Q: Do you have gluten-free snacks?

A: Yes, over half of our products are gluten-free. You can learn more about Doozy going against the grain here. Also, we have vegan snacks.


Q: What is the difference between Doozy and Revive?

A: Good question. Revive, the parent company of the two has been around for over thirty years. In 2014, it launched Doozy as a limb specifically for healthy products. It’s important to note that Doozy hasn’t replaced Revive, and visa-versa. Both parts bring unique solutions to the table, making a strong team. Discover more about Revive.


Q: What should I do – I’ve had a problem with one of your machines?

A: I’m terribly sorry for any inconvenience caused by an issue with one of our machines. To resolve this, kindly send us a message with the information necessary via our oops page. Our team will dispatch an engineer to fix the issue, and we will process a refund for you.


Q: What coffee does Doozy use?

A: We are proudly partnered with 918 Coffee Co. Their eco-roasted coffee is the cornerstone of a circular coffee economy, wherein used grounds are repurposed to roast new beans, creating an environmentally conscious cycle.


Q: Are Doozy coffee machines in hospitals?

A: Yes, we are. You can find a mix of our hot drinks and snacks machines at Salisbury District Hospital, Royal Hampshire County Hospital, and Basingstoke and North Hampshire Hospital. See our statistics in support of healthy vending in healthcare settings here.


Q: Are Doozy machines CQUIN compliant?

A: Yes – our vending machines are CQUIN compliant. We align with the CQUIN framework, contributing to the positive transformation of our NHS.


Q: Can we put my healthy product in your Doozy machine?

A: Hopefully! We’re always excited to discover new brands and try innovative products. If we share a passion for your product that aligns with our practical checklist, we’d be more than happy to explore the possibility. Let’s discuss further!


Q: I want a Doozy!

A: Firstly, that’s not a question – that’s a statement. Secondly, absolutely! Connecting with us is a breeze. Whether you prefer dropping a message, shooting us an email or giving us a call, the choice is yours. If face-to-face suits you best, why not stop by our head office in Downton, Salisbury? We’ll even treat you to a hot drink.


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