Turn That Diet into a Lasting Lifestyle Change


Hooray! You’ve met your weight loss goals. You’re brimming with energy and feeling invincible in your slim-fit jeans. You committed to the hard work and rightfully earned your deserved reward. Congrats! However, life throws its curveballs, and before you know it, you’ve succumbed to those old, stubborn habits. It’s a frustrating cycle known as the yo-yo diet and it is high time we disembarked from this rollercoaster.


Many aspire to see a healthier reflection in the mirror but often find themselves trapped in the never-ending loop of yo-yo dieting, with lasting results nowhere in sight. Falling back into unhealthy habits isn’t a reason for shame, but it’s time to stop chasing our tails and start pursuing our goals. Equipping ourselves with the knowledge to transform our diets into a lasting lifestyle change is the key to shaping our futures.


As you contemplate the path towards permanent weight loss and becoming a healthier version of yourself, you may wonder whether embracing the motto ‘everything in moderation’ or eliminating indulgences is the way to go. Surprisingly, removing treats from your diet altogether is a strategy that often leads to failure.


Excluding all treats from your diet can be counterproductive, as the power of cravings should not be underestimated. Without balance, your diet failure is likely on the horizon.


So, where does Doozy fit into this journey? Our healthy vending machines are stocked with a tempting selection of high-protein, low-fat and low-calorie treats that satisfy your appetite without sabotaging your daily macro and calorie intake. Achieving a sustainable lifestyle with your diet hinges on finding that crucial balance.


Take out Grenade Bars, for example; they are a formidable alternative to the nutritionally deficient chocolate bars you find in traditional vending machines, packing an impressive 20g of protein to support your health and fitness goals.


Consider our Graze Protein Flapjacks, which contain a remarkable 60% less sugar compared to your average cereal bar. These treats not only satisfy your sweet tooth but also provide a generous dose of fibre for digestive health and energy-sustaining oats that keep you feeling full throughout the day.

If you’re on the lookout for a vegan, gluten-free snack with a protein punch, our Trek Protein Flapjack fits the bill. With 9g of protein, it can quell those chocolate cravings on the go, whether you’re gearing up for a workout or simply enjoying a cup of tea and a treat. These indulgent flapjacks manage to capture deliciousness without the nasty additives.


We appreciate Perkier, not only for their delectable products but also for their commitment to carbon neutrality through recycled packaging and no palm oil. Their Crunchy Peanut Protein Bars are a triple threat, being rich in biotin for regular nervous function, a great source of protein and a valuable fibre source.


And for those seeking a healthier crisp alternative, UFIT Crunchers Popped Protein Chips take the spotlight. With 9g of protein and a whopping 40% less fat than generic crisps, these crispy delights are the epitome of guilt-free snacking. If your goal is to enjoy more goodness with fewer calories, these popped chips are perfection.


For more information on how to choose the right tasty treat, take a glance at the poster below.

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