Greetings, fellow autumn fans!


The clocks change twice a year – once in March when they jump forward an hour and once on the last Sunday of October, when they go back an hour. With that Sunday fast approaching and as those daylight hours wane and the trees turn shades of red and gold, we welcome the changing of the season with open arms. Bidding a farewell to the summertime and making way for the anticipated arrival of autumn and winter. It’s the cosy, cinnamon-scented embrace we needed.


Yet, for some, as the sun bids adieu and chilly winter is impending, it can become a mission to muster up enthusiasm. Energy levels are plummeting and the weather alone is enough to make you want to just hibernate.


But don’t worry, there are a few things to keep in mind that will bring some brightness as we step into the colder half of the year.

pumpkins in a cart

Reviving your motivation this season is best achieved by setting some fresh goals. Whether career-related or to do with personal growth, clear, attainable goals can infuse life with a sense of purpose. Also, consider reevaluating your priorities. Reshuffling what matters to you can provide a fresh perspective and a newfound sense of direction.


To resist the urge to crawl into a state of hibernation until summer reappears, consider establishing an updated daily routine. Allocate time for work, exercise, self-care and social time. A stable routine will be your guiding light even as the days grow shorter and darker.


If you find yourself battling to stay awake, perhaps a steaming cup of coffee can be your trusty companion. Indulge in a hot coffee and take a moment to unwind and refocus. It can provide the small boost needed to soldier on.


Don’t let the chilly weather deter you from staying connected with family and family. Go out and do something, remembering to treasure your loved one. Their emotional support is priceless and will keep your spirits soaring.


It’s perfectly acceptable to experience days when motivation is nowhere to be found. Be kind to yourself and acknowledge that energy naturally comes and goes. Take small steps to rekindle your enthusiasm when it wanes. Pause to think about the positives in your life and reflect on your blessings.


Remember, you possess the power to transform each season into one to look forward to. This is a time of transformation and beauty, and with the right mindset, it can become a season of renewed energy and inspiration.


So, let’s embrace the snug comfort of warm jumpers and the pumpkin-spiced everything. Let’s make this winter a cosy one.

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