It’s time we normalise menstruation!


You should never be judged for having a period. Menstruation is not something to be ashamed of or shushed.


Even though 1.8 billion people worldwide go through it every month, it continues to be stigmatised and silenced.


Last year, a survey of over 2,000 women shows that nearly half wouldn’t feel comfortable telling their boss they were off because of their period. They were either too embarrassed or worried they wouldn’t be taken seriously.


Compounded by the fact that one in ten women report receiving no menstrual health related support from their workplace, this stigma effects female professionals significantly.


tampons period pains


Some periods are as painful as a heart attack, yet the symptoms are often dismissed or trivialised. Conditions like endometriosis and PMDD are debilitatingly severe. Period pain is a legitimate reason to take time off work. Period.


We’re committed to breaking this cycle of silence. Our policy is simple: if you’re in too much pain to work, go home. Simple as that. Most people only need a short break to manage their symptoms before returning to work.


Supporting menstrual health openly at work not only empowers women but also makes for a happier, more inclusive workplace.


Employees in pain are not happy employees. Crying in the loo in pain between zoom meetings is not an efficient way to work.


It’s absurd that in 2024 we are still having to advocate for this cause.


What would your boss say if you called in sick due to your period? We’re all ears.

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