At Doozy, our commitment to the planet’s well-being is at the centre of our intentions. Enter the game-changer in packaging –  the remarkable bottle-can hybrid, introduced to us by the clever minds at Jimmy’s. This innovative little coffee vessel is making waves with its infinite recyclability and unmatched convenience. Sustainability, convenience and taste – why do one when you could do them all?


four Jimmy's Iced Coffee bottle cans

As modern shoppers, we must be conscious of our choices and consume responsibly. Shockingly, only 9% of all plastic is recycled and every passing minute sees a truckload of plastic dumped into our oceans. Jimmy’s is more than just coffee; it’s a shining example of environmental responsibility, offering top-tier iced coffee while prioritising sustainability. By sipping from a bottle-can, you actively support an eco-friendly practice boasting an impressive 75% recycling rate.


Thanks to its nifty screw-on cap, messy spills when enjoying a refreshing, iced coffee on-the-go are an annoyance of the past. No need to chug your drink before heading out anymore!


Now, onto the burning question: does bottled coffee taste as smooth and delicious as canned coffee? We conducted a taste test during a Doozy coffee break and the verdict is in – both options are equally delectable with no compromise in taste or quality. The final choice comes down to your personal-sipping-preference.


We love having Jimmy’s in our healthy vending machines. What are your thoughts? Let’s keep the conversation brewing!

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