Office dogs are all the rage and trust us, it won’t be just a short-lived craze. In fact, we’ve been doing it for years now! Four-legged co-workers are the real MVPs of the office, supercharging productivity, boosting morale and administering an indisputably pawsome energy to the daily grind.


dog sitting on office chair



In the super-stressful sphere of the modern workplace, these clever doggies are stress-busting wizards. Scientifically proven to lower cortisol levels (the nasty stress hormone), office dogs are your on-site, tail-wagging stress-relief squad, helping you and your colleagues to keep your cool and stay focused on your 9-to-5.


A happier workforce is a more productive one and with dogs at work, employee morale will skyrocket. Dogs have endless joy to bring and staff will eagerly race to the office each morning, not just for the coffee but for the spirited greeting from their canine counterpart.

puppy sitting at desk

There is no need for endless, desk-bound hours of stagnation; regular walks and playtime give everyone an excuse to step away from their screens, stretch their paws and refocus their minds.



Of course, before unleashing the canine cuteness in your office, it’s crucial to bear in mind that a dog-friendly policy requires careful planning. Putting a pup in a room of allergy sufferers is far from wise and our beloved four-legged companions deserve the highest level of attention and care.



In a nutshell, office dogs aren’t just a hip perk for relaxed offices; they’re a fail-safe way to spread some positivity and boost the well-being of your employees. A happier and healthier workplace is a win-win situation, so why not let the pawsitive influence of dogs enrich your office?

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