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Since its start in 2003, EdUKaid has worked hard to give some of the most vulnerable children in Tanzania a better chance in life through education. Tim Varney, our CEO and founder at Doozy, sits on their Trustee Board, and with his wife, Sarah, are committed to their cause.


We don’t just write cheques addressed to EdUKaid; we share our office space, supplies and resources with the charity, keeping costs down so donations go further. Our whole team at Doozy is behind them.


EdUKaid operates in the South-East Mtwara Region of Tanzania, where rural schools often struggle with substandard infrastructure like buildings and support from the government. They help to find solutions that last without needing constant outside help.


Here are EdUKaid’s values:

Community-led: Tanzanian staff lead to operation with local trustees and officials.

Sustainability: Projects are supported to make sure they help long-term.

Equality: The charity follows UK equality practices while  respecting Tanzanian customs and laws.

Inclusion: Helping to keep young girls in school and provide access to a quality education for differently abled children.

Collaboration: They team up with other NGOs and charities that share similar goals.


EdUKaid’s accomplishments: It began with helping individual children, especially those who were orphaned by AIDS. They deployed volunteers form the UK to teach English and help in local schools. When they saw how quality education bettered the lives of these kids, they started fixing up schools and setting up pre-primary classes. With support from folks like us, they’ve fixed up numerous schools, opened preschools and trained over 300 teachers and head teachers to provide better educations.


edukaid achievement timeline


Great Vending Get-Together: Every year, we team up with EdUKaid for the Great Vending Get-Together to raise money for the cause. The vending industry chips in, and together we’ve raised a whopping £225,000, helping over 50,000 kids. Big thanks to everyone involved!


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EdUKaid 20th Anniversary: In 2023, EdUKaid celebrated 20 years, and Tim Varney, our CEO, founder, and Chair of Trustees, was there to celebrate in Tanzania. Even though he had to rush back to Dar es Salaam due to a security issue, it was still a big success and our partnership with EdUKaid only keeps getting stronger.

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