Our Work With EdUKaid

We have shared our office space and resources with EdUKaid since 2003. The charity, based in South-East Tanzania, aims to improve the educational prospects of some of the country’s poorest children. Doozy provides essential support, as well as funds from our profits. 

EdUKaid seeks to take small, sustainable steps, encouraging the people we are trying to help to overcome and find solutions to these issues. In this way, the progress is authentic, integrated and provides the best way forward. 

The five core values of EdUKaid:

  • Community-led – local management by Tanzanian staff in partnership with Tanzanian trustees and government officials
  • Sustainability – costed projects monitored to ensure completed delivery and designed to achieve lasting change
  • Equality – careful matching of UK equal opportunities practice to Tanzanian customs and laws
  • Inclusion – promoting inclusion in all that we do
  • Collaboration – engagement with other charities and NGOs with common interests and shared values

EdUKaid initially focused on supporting individual children to access an education through the child sponsorship project – these children had been orphaned due to the harsh reality of Aids; and their extended families were unable to pay the fees required to send children to school at that time. In an attempt to support local primary schools we set up a volunteer programme recruiting young adults from the UK to spend time teaching English and generally supporting local primary schools. 

Overtime, they witnessed the negative impact that these neglected schools were having on the children and recognised the need to invest in improving the physical learning environment. They also saw the desperate need to provide an education to the youngest schoolchildren who were turning up every day but with no hope of an education.  Working closely with local stakeholders, they set up a school improvement and pre-primary projects renovating their first primary school and opening their first pre-primary class in 2009. They quickly saw the incredible difference this made – thanks to supporters like us, they have now renovated 20 primary schools, opened 15 pre-primary classes and supported over 300 teachers and head teachers to develop their skills. 

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