Eat, Drink and Socialise – Relax and Enjoy Yourself Without Health Anxiety This Christmas.


Healthy does not look the same for everyone. Actual health involves maintaining balance and cultivating a positive relationship with both food and your body. The influence of social media on body image and beauty standards should not be underestimated. Social media platforms are flooded with images of exceptionally productive people who wake up at 4 a.m. for an intense three-hour workout, practise fasting, adhere to a strict diet, consume green drinks and apply copious layers of unaffordable skincare on their spotless faces.


The health standards promoted on social media, much like beauty standards, can be overwhelming, and the abundance of misinformation online makes it nearly impossible to find reliable sources. However, restrictive diets and swallowing down handfuls of celebrity-endorsed supplements with the promise of a better life are not the solution. It’s crucial not to succumb to external influences. Suffering is not synonymous with being healthy.


It’s perfectly fine to resist the pressure to follow every piece of advice bombarding us online from influencers we idolise. It’s okay to embrace a life that goes beyond the narrow confines of online health standards. You should enjoy full meals, and indulge in desserts and fizzy drinks sometimes. The pressure of keeping up with the idea of ‘healthy’ can be immense. Genuine health lies in finding balance, showing kindness to yourself and nurturing a healthy relationship with your body.


This feels particularly acute over Christmas. While it’s a time to unwind and have fun, you can indulge in festive eating, drinking and socialising without compromising your health. Discover the key to striking that magical balance and let the health stress melt away…


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Our Top Tips:


Allow for Extra Indulgences Over Xmas

Give yourself the freedom to enjoy extra treats without guilt. Embrace the joy of the season and savour the delights. Don’t beat yourself up over it.


Kickstart the Day With a Healthy Breakfast

Opt for an energising bowl of porridge, harnessing the energy-packed goodness of oats to fuel your day.


Welly Walks

Steer clear of rotting on the sofa all holiday. Slip into some wellies and bask in the winter sun.


Go Easy on the Booze

Those units add up quickly over the holidays. Throw some ice in your wine, sip slowly and drink zero per cent alcohol. Because nobody wants a stinking hangover on Christmas.


Drink Lots of Water

Water plays a huge role in maintaining your health. For more information on the importance of hydration, click here.


Tune into Your Body

Listen to your body’s cue –  stop eating when satisfied and indulge in nourishment when hunger strikes.


Don’t be a Veggie-Dodger

Incorporate a diverse array of vegetables rich in essential vitamins to ensure a well-balanced and nutritious diet.


Have a Doozymas!

Navigating the hustle and bustle of the holiday season can make it challenging to prioritise health. In those time-crunched moments, choose the convenience of a Doozy healthy vending machine for a delightful and nutritious snacking experiment. Elevate your on-the-go moments with the perfect balance of health and taste this Christmas. With sweet and tangy NAKD cocoa orange bars, Graze chocolate and vanilla flapjacks that give you energy and indulgent chocolate brownies, Doozy can bring the taste without the nasties.


Have a very, merry Christmas from everyone at Doozy!

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