We hope your Christmas was full of joy and cheer…

As we approach the conclusion of the year and the beginning of a new one, anticipation for positive changes and a new chapter builds. If you’re thinking about adopting the tradition of a New Year’s resolution but find yourself stumped for a fitting goal that aligns with your individual aspirations, fear not. Below are 20 resolutions to consider in the upcoming year.

happy new year split out in scrabble tiles

  1. Explore new culinary horizons: Build your cooking skills and savour the sense of accomplishment that follows. Start by searching for ‘new recipes.’ 
  2. Immerse yourself in an audiobook: Exercise your mind and unwind. Take advantage of free trial offers on audiobook platforms.
  3. Take the stairs: Opt for the stairs to give your cardiovascular system a boost. Feel the burn in your calf muscles. 
  4. Consider therapy: While it’s not a universal remedy, therapy has the potential to offer support to those who choose to explore it. 
  5. Volunteer: Extend a helping hand and reap the rewards of doing good while feeling good about your contributions.
  6. Practise body positivity: Appreciate your unique and beautiful body.
  7. Declutter the kitchen: Tackle one cupboard at a time. Because slow and ready wins the race.
  8. Revamp your wardrobe sustainably: Share the joy by up-cycling clothes you forgot you had. 
  9. Listen to a new genre of music: Diversify your music taste. You might be pleasantly surprised with a newfound favourite.
  10. Stop gossiping: Rise above the temptation to engage in gossip – it’s unkind. 
  11. Go somewhere you’ve never been: Break free from your comfort zone and embrace discomfort as a sign of personal growth and progress.
  12. Detox from your phone: Take a break from the digital world. You’ll survive – I promise.
  13. Count your blessings: Write a list of things you are grateful for, serving as a reminder of the positivity in your life. 
  14. Take a portion of your pay and put it in savings: A small amount regularly will quickly add up to a nice financial cushion.
  15. Sanitise your stuff: Keyboard. Phone. Steering wheel. Gross!
  16. Distance yourself from chronic complainers: Surround yourself with positivity by saying goodbye to habitual complainers.
  17. Stop meaningless complaining: Choose meaningful conversation instead. Radiate positivity rather than draining energy.
  18. Do something scary: Confront your fears, be brave and discover the extraordinary capabilities within you.
  19. Stretch: Stttrrreeeeeeeetttccchhh.
  20. Talk less, listen more: Listening is sometimes more powerful than words. 

Hope your New Year is a Doozy!

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