From electric cars to the Paris agreement, taking care of our environment is the issue on everyones lips. Just this week the BBC released an article on Bio-Bean, a start up which may have found a revolutionary and environmentally friendly way to power London transport. In as little as two weeks they hope to unveil a red London bus powered by, wait for it…. coffee.

Bio-Bean uses a patented process to turn coffee grounds into biodiesel and fuel pellets at a factory in Sussex.

Bio-Bean was started by green entrepreneur Arthur Kay with the aim to gather waste from coffee chains such as costa and converting it into liquid fuel. The benefits of bio fuel are becoming increasingly clear and, as well as coffee, this environmentally friendly solution can be made from all sorts including sewage. At Doozy, our coffee beans are roasted using old coffee waste, Bio-bean takes this to the next level. London has a dense road network, which coupled with high buildings makes it one of the most polluted places in the UK. Because of this, the need for more environmental travel is growing.

It has been estimated that London has 200,000 tonnes of coffee waste yearly and Bio-Bean have ambitions to recycle up to 40% of Londons coffee by next year. That coffee waste can go a long way, and as Boughton’s Coffee’s twitter page put it, “Well we’re powered by coffee, maybe our transport should be too…”

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