We’ve got new healthy vending products! Shaken Udder, Coco Fuzion 100 and Graze Cheese Grilled Crunch are joining the Doozy menu.

We are hopefully saying goodbye the chilly weather and hello to a warm summer. In preparation, we have been busy taste testing refreshing drinks and tasty snacks. The aim is to find the perfect new additions for our Doozy menu.

The healthy food and drink sector is growing rapidly as the demand for these products heats up. You can read more about the changing attitudes towards healthy eating across the UK in our blog. Every week we are sent exciting new samples to try; from vitamin drinks to gluten-free snacks and everything in between. A big thank you to everyone who shares their inventions with us. Our variety of products has ensured a vending selection like no other. Here are three of our brand-new healthy vending products.


Shaken udder healthy vendingShaken Udder

We had received a number of requests from customers about introducing an iced coffee option to the Doozy menu. During the warmer months, iced coffee is often preferred to a hot cappuccino or latte. There are a variety of iced coffee options available to us, we tasted a mixture at Doozy HQ. We settled on Shaken Udder, the perfect fit for our Doozy machines. It complements our current range of drinks including Get More Vits, Juice Burst and Cawston Press. Created back in 2004, Shaken Udder is available in supermarkets across the UK. Shaken Udder are suitable for vegetarians, gluten-free and made using British milk. What’s more, the cartons are widely recycled and made from sustainable cardboard.


Graze healthy vending productGraze Grilled Cheese Crunch

Graze products have been a constant winner in our Doozy machines since we introduced them a few years ago. Our newest snack is the Graze Grilled Cheese Crunch. Delicious and moorish, we just can’t get enough of the cheesy mix. The pack contains tasty gouda puffs, poppy seed and onion sesame sticks and half popped corn kernels, together making a tasty cheese snack. The ideal food to graze over during a busy day at the office. This snack is also high in fibre, a great source of protein and at 150 calories – guilt-free too.


Coco fuzion healthy vendingCoco Fuzion 100

In addition to iced coffee, we have also added Coco Fuzion to our list of healthy vending drinks. This new drink is sparkling coconut water with real fruit flavouring, providing a very different taste to our current drinks. We’ve introduced the yummy raspberry option to the Doozy menu. Coco Fuzion is gluten-free and free from preservatives. Because this refreshing drink comes in a can, the container is easy to recycle.



Have you spotted any healthy vending products which would be perfect for Doozy? We are always on the lookout for new healthy products. They could be high in protein, gluten-free, vegan friendly, low in sugar, all natural or 1 of your 5 a day. And of course – they must taste delicious. Let us know at hello@doozy.life and we will give it a try.


Three Healthy Vending Products

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