Vending machines have not always had the best press. Dodgy technology and weak coffee ensured that customers generally had a bad perception of them. Yet, they were still super convenient, so people used them. The good news is that vending has changed for the better and continues to do so.

Technology has improved in terms of the machines themselves. They are capable of providing delicious hot drinks and vending all sorts of products. Breakdowns are irregular now and most machines come with card readers. Times have changed with products as well; less chocolate bars, crisps and fizzy drinks, more nutritional items. Vending is starting to win back the trust of consumers after decades of frustration.

We believe there are so many reasons to love vending. Here are 10 of them:


OneVending machines make it really easy to provide healthy products

It is not always easy to be healthy, particularly on the go. Yet, over the last decade, there has been a boom in healthy products, growing with the demand for them. A vending machine is the easiest and most convenient way to supply healthy products. We’ve put together 7 Doozy steps for choosing the best ones.


TwoEasy access to coffee!

Everyone loves coffee. It wakes us up in the morning and keeps us fueled during the day. But we don’t want to have to wait for it or walk to a coffee shop. Coffee vending machines can bridge this gap.

Coffee cups love vending


Three24 hours of refreshments

It is not possible to have continuously manned cafes and shops all through the day and night. Vending does not need constant staff and with technology streets ahead, it is a reliable refreshment option. Which leads us to….


FourVending machines work wonderfully alongside a café

Vending is not a café substitute. It cannot replace human interaction and social feel. But it can be a vital resource when queues are busy and people just want to grab a coffee. And of course, when the main café needs to close. This is particularly useful where people work night shifts, for example, a hospital.


FiveVending brings in income

For many organisations, making money through refreshments is a must. Vending machines are a stress-free way of doing this. The machines save money in terms of constant staff but can also run alongside a manned café. Of course, the main profit comes from the products sold.


love vending card readerSixThey accept all forms of payment

Long gone are the days when you need to carry cash around. Most vending machines are fitted with card readers now (and if not, they should be!). Our customers use card for over 70% of purchases.


SevenYou can vend nearly anything!

From noodle pots to toothbrushes the newest style of vending machines are capable of a lot. Microwave meals and wraps/sandwiches, as well as fruit pots and salads, can all be vended through these machines. Perfect for those who need more than a simple snack.


eightNutritional information can easily be displayed

Many machines can now display nutritional information on touch screens. It is not easy to tell exactly what a product contains from the outside, but these screens unlock the information. Whether you have an allergy and need to avoid certain foods or have restricted your diet and need to know calories, these machines can let you know.


NineThey don’t take up much space

Whereas a café has a large footprint, vending machines do not. They can be placed at an entrance, along a corridor or within a room.


TenThey are ideal for any location

Big or small, students or workers, vending machines are perfect for anywhere. A busy library at a university or a heaving A & E department at a hospital. We’ve seen a huge benefit in trialing machines to find the right locations. It’s now even possible to do this with our coffee machines. We can install them unplumbed, all they need is an electrical socket. Once the ideal spot has been found they can be plumbed into the mains and enjoyed all the time!

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