We may be a little biased for this blog post… but it might just help you decide on who you choose as your next vending company. It is not an easy choice; they seem to promise the world but it’s not always clear exactly what this entails. We’ve put together this little list, to help you decipher through the noise and identify your dream vending company.


Leading the Way

Innovation has not always been a strong point in vending but some leading companies are propelling themselves forward with various initiatives. Nutritional information can now be viewed on screens, all kinds of products can be sold, card readers should be standard and some will even have loyalty schemes.


Vending Machine Products

Most of the vending machines we see have snacks and cold drinks in them, but did you know it is also possible to vend pot noodles and even toothbrushes? Some of the newest machines can be altered to hold a wide variety of products. This is particularly useful in student halls where you may want to offer household products or a hospital with staff working late who could enjoy microwavable meals.


Healthy Snacks and Drinks!

Unfortunately, most vending companies have missed the memo to include healthy snacks and drinks. And those that do, often select just a few rows, usually at the bottom of the machine. In fact, on average, machines in the UK tend to contain just 14% healthy snacks and 39% healthy drinks. Some wholesalers dedicate a large proportion of their product choice to healthy snacks and drinks. Take a look at Epicurium’s fantastic range. This is a must-ask question for your prospective vending supplier. Make sure they give you examples of the products they sell. Healthy vending for some means a few cereal bars. Read why we believe healthy vending is a winner.

Perfect vending company products



How easy is it for your consumers to get a refund? How long do repairs take? Are you left with the dreaded empty spirals? These are just a few of the questions you might want to ask about your current vending company. Service is an essential part of a smooth partner supplier relationship, but before you choose a company, it’s not always easy to tell.

Which leads us too…


The Proof is in the Case Studies!

These can be very powerful as they allow you to hear from current customers themselves. If they have had bad service, it’s not likely they will give a direct positive quote. You may even be able to speak to the organisations featured to find out exactly what they provide. Find out about some Doozy clients.


Payment Options

The reality is that more people pay with their card than they do cash. Because of this, ALL vending machines should include card readers as standard. Most readers will also accept mobile payments, a growing trend! Read our full report on cashless vending.

Perfect vending company cashless


Coffee Machines

For most organisations, a decent coffee machine is essential. It is for our office, that’s for sure! We all need delicious hot drinks to fuel our day. There are so many decent coffee machines out there, you don’t need to compromise on taste. Make sure you always test the coffee from a new vending company. It should taste just as if it has been barista made, no need to walk to the coffee shop.


Ethical Practices

Protecting the planet is one of the number one challenges facing us today. Every company needs to play its part. While it is at the forefront for some, it barely gets a mention from others. But whether ethical coffee or efficient machines, vending companies should regard sustainability as a priority. This translates to end-user consumers as well. 55% of consumers are willing to pay for products or services from companies that have dedicated social impact plans.


Money Making?

Vending companies work in different ways – some will charge and give commission; others will put in the machines for free. It is worth bearing in mind though… free vending is not always the answer. Often very old, bad quality machines are used, and don’t even go there with the service. Costings are a consideration, just remember that you may ‘get what you pay for’.


perfect vending company full serviceD.I.Y or Fully Serviced

Some prefer to just purchase machines from vending companies but take care of them themselves – otherwise known as the DIY option. This can work but you need to consider where you store items, who will fill and clean the machines and what to do if there are any technical issues. The full service or the all-inclusive option takes all the stress away. It is often preferred because the vending company does all the work. You just enjoy the products and coffee.


Overall, there are a lot of points to take into account when deciding what vending company to choose. From what products go into the machines to the payment methods. Hopefully, this blog has given you some thoughts.


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