Let’s Go, Dry January!


A very, very merry Christmas is now behind us and let’s be honest, the units have added up with ease considering a mulled wine here and a buck’s fizz there – it would be rude not to! With all the get-togethers, work dos, Christmas markets and dinner parties, it’s hard to recall a morning without a touch of a headache. New Year’s Eve proved again to be an invariably boozy night and now the sound the bottle bin makes as you drag it up the drive to the curb makes you cringe. It’s likely time to make some changes. Arrived just in the nick of time – Dry January is here.


Time to reset, recharge and reassess, this month’s sobriety might drag on but the range of physical, mental and social benefits extend far beyond the next 31 days. Whether you’re a seasoned participant or thinking about partaking for the first time, Dry January is a kickstart for a wonderful 2024 and an opportunity to become a healthier you!


Well-Being: Grant your liver a well-deserved rest and witness the positive effects on your sleep patterns and energy levels throughout the month. Embrace a month without alcohol to alleviate symptoms of anxiety and depression, letting your focus, concentration and confidence soar.


Social Connections: Forge stronger bonds by exploring activities beyond the pub scene, fostering deeper connections with others during this alcohol-free period.


Financial Rewards: Your bank account will thank you for a month without alcohol. The substantial savings could prompt a re-evaluation of your spending habits, offering an opportunity to invest in exciting new hobbies such as cooking or hiking.


no alcohol? no problem.



  • Establish clear boundaries and communicate them to your support system to reinforce your commitment to a dry January. Invite them to join the challenge and complete it with you.
  • Discover a delightful alternative beverage experience with choices like Cawston press or Flawsome – indulge in a refreshing and enjoyable drink.
  • Use this opportunity to reflect on your relationship with alcohol and its role in your life.


Good luck with Dry January! You’ve got this!

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