Seemingly innocent, artificial sweeteners have been the topic of much discussion recently. This is because, although they have been cleared as ‘safe’, new research has uncovered worrying findings. Popular diet drinks are some of the biggest culprits, with big brands choosing artificial sweeteners over sugar. Just because they are portrayed as a healthy alternative to the main brand, does not mean they are good for us.

Manufacturers turned to artificial sweeteners as a sugar alternative because sugar was being criticised for being so unhealthy. We saw Coke bring out Diet Coke and Pepsi bring out Pepsi Max. Only a little of these, then new, low-calorie chemical substances were needed for us to enjoy the perceived taste of a sugary drink. Artificial sweeteners are put into a variety of food and drink, often without us realising they are there. Because of this, as newer brands have brought out more natural products, they proudly display a ‘no artificial sweeteners’ label.

Diet Coke with Artificial Sweeteners

The Studies

A variety of studies have taken place since the introduction of artificial sweeteners to try and work out what negative effects consuming the chemical substances has on us. Brands who use them will claim they help prevent tooth decay, reduce calorie intake and control blood sugar levels. However, scientists have evidence which insinuates that the sweeteners are not as innocent as they seem.

Back in October, shocking new research unveiled new fears about what artificial sweeteners may be doing to our bodies. The study pointed to sweeteners such as aspartame (found in Diet Coke) accusing them of causing damage to our gut bacteria. Conducted by a team at two universities in Singapore, the findings offer further evidence that the sweeteners cause damage to our health. Six sweeteners were found to be toxic to our gut bacteria. All of them are approved ‘safe’ to consume in the US and Europe. Read our full report on the study here.

Just this month, a new study revealed continued fears over artificial sweeteners. The study was from the American Heart Association and the American Stroke Association. They found that drinking just two or more of any kind of artificially sweetened drinks a day is linked to an increased risk of clot-based strokes, heart attacks and early death in women over 50. These claims are serious and considering the huge number of people included in the study (80,000) they are worth paying attention too.

Although results from these studies are worrying, they are not conclusive. We do not fully understand whether there is a negative impact from consuming artificial sweeteners. Part of the problem is that, because people see them as safe to drink, they consume them regularly. But research suggests this regular consumption is having a negative impact on our bodies. However, diet drinks are not the only alternative to high sugar drinks. In addition to these studies, there has been a wide range of products introduced which don’t contain any artificial sweeteners. We consciously choose these for our Doozy machines. Our decision that ‘natural is best’ has seen us avoid artificial sweeteners. Have a look.


no artificial sweeteners cawston pressCawston Press

Cawston have been core Doozy products since our early days. They have proved popular in all our sites, whether a university, college or hospital. People can’t resist the refreshing drink option. We provide three different flavours which all do well in our machines. The drinks contain naturally occurring sugars (from fruit) and vitamins too. For example, the Cloudy Apple flavour contains pressed apple juice, sparkling water and vitamin C. Absolutely nothing artificial.


No artificial sweeteners juice burst

Juice Burst

These bottles are not only free from artificial sweeteners but also contain 1 portion of your 5 a day. A delicious way to get some fruit! An added bonus, the fruit juice-based drinks are also vegan-friendly. We provide three flavours with Orange being one of our biggest sellers.



no artificial sweeteners mangajo


The newest drinks to the Doozy range, the two MangaJo flavours are already proving popular. These cans contain real brewed green tea, as well as other fantastic natural ingredients which are good for our bodies. Green tea is rich in antioxidants, for us this means we consumer nutrients which help maintain health and wellbeing.



Which drink would you choose? They are available in all of our Doozy machines.

If you would like vending for your organisation which is free from artificial sweeteners, get in touch with us today.

Cawston Press no artificial sweeteners


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