Whether at university, work or the gym, we all need a little snack to help us through the day. But for those in-between meal moments, you don’t need to reach for fatty crisps or high sugar chocolate bars. We have so many options for tasty snacks which don’t harm your health.


Here are 7 tasty Doozy snacks:



Fruity fans will adore the Berry Burst whilst those in need of some chocolate can fall in love with the Cocoa Chaos. With 10g of protein per bar, this slow-releasing snack is fab for gym day. The all-natural Trek bars are a combination of fruits, gluten-free oats and nuts. And bonus – a Trek bar is one of your five a day too.


Healthy vending snacks eat realEat Real

These delightful packets of crunchy snacks are one of our best sellers at the moment, adored by Doozy customers. We have three different Eat Real flavours in our machines: Lentil Chips Sea Salt, Quinoa Sundried Tomato and Garlic and Hummus Chips Sour Cream and Chive. Eat Real snacks are made from natural ingredients, vegan-friendly and gluten-free, plus around 100 calories a bag. Something to tickle everyone’s taste buds.


Metcalfe’s Ricecakes

When you think rice cake, don’t picture a bland healthy snack. Metcalfe’s have reinvented the standard rice cake with three mouth-watering flavours: Dark chocolate, milk chocolate and yoghurt. This thin layer adds a real tasty twist but doesn’t compromise on the low sugar, low-calorie nature of rice cakes.


Healthy vending snacks popchips


Are crisps your thing? Can you go a day without a packet? If you answered yes, then Popchips could be the snack for you. They are like crisps in taste but not in ingredients, which makes this tasty snack a healthier alternative. Popchips have half the fat of standard fried crisps. They are also gluten-free and vegan.



One for the cheese lovers. Graze Grilled Cheese Crunch is a flavourful packet of goodness. Containing almonds, popped kernels and gouda puffs, all in a tasty cheesy flavour. Perfect to pick at while you are sat at your desk, just be warned they don’t sit there for long. For a similar crunchy snack with a very different taste, we have the Graze BBQ crunch. Both are packed with fibre and low in calories.


Portlebay Popcorn

Moorish popcorn is a dream guilt-free snack. We offer Sweet and Salty Portlebay Popcorn in our machines. The generous portion size is all-natural and low in calories. Enjoy it to your heart’s content.


Urban Fruit

Calling all fruit devotees. It is not easy consuming fruit when we are on to go. It can be messy and irritating. Urban Fruit has taken away the frustrations with their creation. This dried fruit option comes in three different flavours – and you still get all the goodness. We currently offer strawberry, Mango and Pineapple, with each pack 1 of your 5 a day. Urban Fruit is a particular favourite with children at schools and leisure centres. Big kids (us adults) love it too!


Healthy vending snacks urban fruit


Next time you are feeling a little peckish, reach for a Doozy healthy vending snack.


We are always looking for new healthy vending snacks to join the Doozy menu. If you know of any, give us a shout!

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