At Doozy, coffee is a huge part of what we do. Despite being a nation of tea drinkers, us Brits have developed a newfound love for coffee over the last decade. In fact, we drink around 95 million cups of coffee a day. Vending machines have evolved alongside this growing love and are now capable of providing a delicious cup of the good stuff. The firm Doozy favourite is latte but our machines serve a range of drinks. There are several reasons we are proud of our Doozy coffee machines, here are 10 benefits.


Doozy coffee machine eco roast

1. Our hot drinks are ethical and sustainable

We consciously choose our suppliers with all our products. Our hot drinks are Rainforest Alliance and/or Fairtrade certified. Our eco-roast coffee in particular is something special. We use a company called 918 coffee who collect our old coffee grounds when they deliver fresh beans. These grounds are taken back to their roastery where they are used to roast the new coffee beans.


2. Value for money

There is no need to spend an extortionate amount on coffee from ‘ahem’ certain other brands. Customers have referred to Doozy coffee as on par to some of the top high street options. Yet, the price is considerably less.


3. The drinks taste delicious

All our coffee machines are tested at Doozy HQ so we know they will deliver the perfect drinks when they reach their new home. We receive wonderful reports from our customers who just love our coffee. The coffee machines themselves use fresh beans from our local supplier.

Doozy coffee machine cup


4. Pay by phone

As well as the ability to pay by card (including contactless!) our card readers allow consumers to pay via by their mobile phone app. This is a fast-growing payment method for us. In educational sites, mobile accounts for 11% of payments. Just a decade ago, it was unheard of.


5. A reusable cup fits underneath

Not all coffee machines are created equally. Some are only for instant coffee (no thanks!), many are set to fit specific vending cups. We’ve altered ours so there is enough space to fit various cups below. This is especially important for reusable cups which are often taller than standard mugs/cups.


6. Each purchase helps support EdUKaid

Since 2003, we have supported our chosen charity EdUKaid. This educational charity helps improve the educational prospects of children in rural Mtwara, Tanzania. Some of our profits go towards these projects. The charity is also based in our offices and has access to stationary and essentials.


7. A whole lot of choices!

We all have different tastes, whether a frothy coffee or a luxurious hot chocolate. Our clever machines are capable of vending a variety of drinks to suit all taste buds. We can even provide machines with Decaf options. Very soon we will be able to offer a ‘vegan’ machine with different milk choices, such as almond milk.


8. Ready in seconds…

Our bean to cup coffee is ready in around 45 seconds. No queues to see here!


9. Environmentally friendly machines

We select our machines carefully to make sure they comply with the highest environmental standards. This means they go into sleep mode when not in use and only use the energy they need too. We are looking at a way of providing a vending solution which is completely free from single-use plastic. With many snacks and cold drinks still using plastic packaging and reusable coffee cups not widely used it is a tough task. You can read about our progress in this blog.


10. We use freeze-dried milk

Honestly, you would not believe it’s not fresh! We receive so many comments about our tasty hot drinks, everyone assumes we use fresh milk. Our freeze-dried milk is simply 100% skimmed fresh milk, dried so that it lasts longer. This means no milk wastage and these little milk granules really do make a delicious cup of coffee.


Doozy coffee machine cup with snacks


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