From providing an income to reducing canteen queues, there are many reasons why a college should install a premium coffee machine. We’ve put together some standout points why, including examples from our own Doozy site, Barton Peveril College.

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One premium coffee machinesExceedingly Good Coffee

Our delicious range of hot drinks taste as good (if not better) than those available on the high street. Our Fairtrade coffee beans are also eco roasted. This means we collect the old coffee grounds and send them back to 918 Coffee who use them to roast the new beans. At each site we install, the most popular drink changes, making it important to offer choice. We found with Barton Peveril that the top three drinks are hot chocolate, mocha and latte.


Two premium coffee machinesIncome:

The coffee industry is huge, with around 1.7bn cups sold a year.  Coffee drinking has become a real trend among teenagers as well as adults. Because of this popularity premium coffee machines provide a decent income for colleges. The drinks are generally sold for a little less than a typical Costa or Starbucks drink but the content is just as enjoyable.


Three premium coffee machinesCompliments a Canteen

A coffee machine makes it’s super easy for busy students to grab a drink without having to stand in long queues in the canteen. They also keep students on the premises as they have less need to leave. The busiest time for coffee purchases at Barton Peveril College is 7 am, closely followed by 9 am and 11 am. Overall coffee sales range from 6 am to 8 pm with many of these purchases outside the time that the canteen is open. This shows the importance of having access to hot drinks throughout the day.


Four premium coffee machinesIt’s not just students that benefit

People install vending machines for a number of reasons. One is to extend the time that refreshments are available. For a college, they often are open during weekends or in the evenings for visitors and students. It is not always viable to have a canteen open. Vending can bridge this gap as it can be open 24/7. Staff benefit from access to premium coffee machines as well. They can say goodbye to instant drinks from the staff room and hello to scrumptious lattes and cappuccinos.


five premium coffee machinesConvenience – We do all the work!

Each machine is easy to use, and we can send our team out to fill them as much as is required. We look after our machines from design to install and everything that follows. Whether the machine has an occasional fault, or someone requires a refund.


Six - premium vending machinesThey stand proudly next to our healthy vending machines

Encouraging healthier lifestyles is at the top of everyone’s priority list right now, even more so for an educational establishment. We provide healthy vending machines alongside our premium coffee machines. This means the students are never short of a healthy snack when they reach for their favourite hot drink. Have a look at our product menu here.


Seven Premium Coffee MachinesEasy Ways to Pay

Our vending machines can be set to accept card, cash and contactless. Currently, Barton Peveril College is only slightly higher in card payments over cash but according to trends, this will only rise over the next decade. The popularity of card payments has seen some of our organisations go completely cashless, only offering a card option.


Eight premium vending machinesDesigned with you in mind

Our Doozy installs vary from site to site. The wooden surrounds are built for each individual location using sustainable wood. They suit both rustic and modern buildings.


Here is what James Lacey from Barton Peveril College had to say about working with us

“Doozy Vending provide Barton Peveril College with a modern take on vending, the unique use of recycled wooden pallets that adorn the machines really make them stand out from the norm. If you are looking for a modern vending solution, I recommend contacting Doozy vending”.

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