Over the last decade, the healthy vending products market has picked up some serious pace.

In the UK, people are still choosing to spend money on snacks and cold drinks every single day. However, the habits of consumers are changing. People are opting for healthier choices over the big name, high sugar brands. In fact, healthy snack specialists Kallo Foods found that over half of consumers in the UK now choose to eat healthier packaged snacks at least once a day. This number has increased by 12% since 2016. A massive indication that the perceptions of eating healthy food are changing.

There is still a high demand for treats which means difficult decisions for companies. Do they provide healthier choices for potentially less profit? Despite this concern, the healthy product market has grown and the sales from these products have grown with it. Like healthy snacks, the soft drink industry has changed too. After the introduction of the sugar tax this year, purchases of healthier drinks are at an all-time high. In addition, brands bought out healthier products or changed their recipes. As we continue to talk about how we, as a nation, need to eat better, more and more healthier products are becoming available and inevitably their popularity will continue to grow.


Three main factors decide whether products are perfect for Doozy:


Their nutritional value

Today, brands are offering so much more than simply taste. Our healthy vending products feature vegan, gluten-free, one of your 5 a day, protein and so much more. It is essential that our offering provides choices for everyone. For the more ‘treaty’ products they are placed in our much smaller ‘indulgence’ range.


Their brand

As well as the physical product, brands are now so much more than simply what they supply. Some try to look for more eco-friendly packaging, others donate a portion of their sales to charity. Either way, the people behind the brand and what they portray to the world is just as important as their products.


Their taste!

And finally, the main factor a product must have is to taste delicious! There is no point putting a healthy, nutritious product into a vending machine if it doesn’t taste good. And queue the most important job of every Doozy staff member – taste sessions. From protein bars to hummus chips, nothing enters our product menu before it’s been tasted.


New for December 2018

new healthy vending products choice


Itsu Noodles

Itsu is Doozy’s first noodle brand and received outstanding reviews from our staff, we can’t wait to see what our customers think. The company was founded by Julian Metcalfe OBE, the founder of Pret a Manger. This brand challenges the original reputation of instant noodles, often associated with unhealthy eating and hangovers. Now the Itsu brand provides a nutritious, low calorie, on the go snack. We decided to offer two flavours of Itsu noodles, Katsu and Satay. Currently, they are available at Solent University, soon to be seen at more Doozy sites.


Proper Corn

Proper Corn was founded in 2011 and now offers a range of flavours. We’ve opted for sweet and salty, a real winner in the taste test. This light snack is a fantastic source of whole grain fibre, with recipes are unique to them and they only use natural flavourings. Every bag is under 136 calories, gluten-free and vegetarian. Proper Corn is also made in Britain. Recipes are developed by a team in London and each bag is popped and packed in the Midlands.



Refreshing drinks are essential for our Doozy range. We were delighted to find Mangajo, the perfect addition to our drinks. Mangajo’s real brewed, gently sparkling green tea contains no added sugar, artificial colours or preservatives. We have selected two flavours, Sicilian Lemon Presse & Green Tea and Pomegranate Presse & Green Tea.


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