The Challenge


New Forest Health and Leisure Centres, comprising Ringwood, Totton, Applemore, Lymington, and New Milton, are integral to the Hampshire community. Operated by the New Forest District Council (NFDC), our collaboration with them dates back to 2015.


The NFDC sought a visually striking vending solution that could deliver healthier options for their diverse customer base. Given the nature of leisure centres and the varying needs of attendees – from fitness enthusiasts to parents waiting during swimming lessons – prioritising high-quality coffee and wholesome snacks became paramount.


Recognising the unique requirements of each centre, we engaged in collaborative discussions with the managers at every site. This approach allowed us to tailor bespoke vending solutions, precisely meeting the distinctive needs of each location. In doing so, we’ve seamlessly integrated our offerings into the fabric of these health and leisure hubs, enhancing the overall experience for members, parents, and staff alike.



The Solution


Crafting distinct vending areas for this client proved to be an exhilarating challenge. Take, for instance, Totton Leisure, which, before embracing Doozy, had scattered vending across its site. Witnessing the transformative potential for customers, staff, and space, they underwent a redesign, even knocking down a wall to create a dedicated Doozy space. The New Forest District Council (NFDC) was resolute in ensuring that the Doozy experience felt akin to a cosy café – the perfect retreat for visitors to savour a hot drink.


Ringwood Leisure Centre, on the other hand, envisioned a multi-level Doozy setup to cater to all its customers efficiently. The positive feedback from delighted customers speaks volumes, with one expressing, “I must congratulate you on your café, the total lack of fizzy drinks and unhealthy snacks is a shining example of good practice.”


Across all locations, our offerings span a diverse range, from protein bars for fitness enthusiasts to urban fruit ideal for youngsters, along with a curated selection of treats for everyone. Throughout our partnership with New Forest Leisure, we’ve orchestrated several successful sample days, fostering engagement and driving sales while providing invaluable insights through market research.


In Ringwood, we had the honour of attending the official launch of their newly refurbished centre, rubbing shoulders with some of the stars from ‘The Brittas Empire,’ which was filmed on-site. Our journey with New Forest Leisure is not just about vending; it’s about co-creating spaces that resonate with their vision and contribute to a vibrant and wholesome experience for all.



New forest leisure centre healthy vending

New forest leisure centre healthy vending

new forest leisure healthy vending sampling day

“We have worked with Doozy for over two years and their level of service and call out response is excellent. We have their machines in all five of our health & leisure centres and our ambition to rid our sites of just providing chocolate, crisps and fizzy drinks has gone down very well with our customers and the image we wanted to project as a District Council.”

Jeremy Rickard, Leisure Operations Manager


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