Our Doozy data is pivotal to the successful running of our healthy vending sites. From tracking the best-selling products to identifying when a machine has an issue, there are several reasons why we monitor our data. Here is a breakdown.


Doozy healthy vending productsPicking out the best sellers

We are very selective about what we put in our healthy vending machines. Discover the 7 steps we use to make this decision. One element that helps us decide the best products is through our Doozy data. Of course, this varies a little from site to site. A protein product may do well at a leisure centre but won’t get a look in at a hospital. By tracking the sales, we can tailor our menus to each site.

This data can help us test products too. Sometimes companies send us similar items, such as popcorn. The taste and ingredients are alike, but usually, one brand will outperform the others. Testing products can also give us an idea of what we need more of. For example, if we try a brand such as Cawston Press and it goes down a storm, it’s worth trying other flavours.


Spotting trends

Habits and attitudes change at some rate and keeping an eye on trends allows us to stay ahead of the game.

When we first installed card readers over a decade ago, people still preferred cash. But we tracked the data and witnessed a steady decline of coins. Card is now easily the preference, with over 70% of Doozy customers choosing this payment method. This figure rises to 80% at educational sites such as universities and colleges. Our data mirrors national statistics which reveals that cash is quickly in decline. In 2019, we used cash for 28.5% of payments in the UK. Experts predict the use of cash to fall as low as 9% over the next 10 years. Mobile payments are behind the physical card in terms of popularity. Our Doozy data shows that customers were slow to adapt to this method for vending in the early days. But, paying by phone is starting to becoming the norm. Educational sites use it the most with 11% choosing mobile.

Many of our newer healthy vending sites are opting for completely cashless vending. We encourage this decision as it is beneficial. Card readers mean faster transactions (fewer queues!) and card payments are easy to refund if there are any issues.

Read our full report on cashless vending.

healthy vending card reader



Working efficiently

Some sites run out of products very quickly, others are much slower. Several factors affect site sales. It could depend on how high the footfall is or whether there is a café or shop nearby.

The time of day, time of year and day of the week also impact on sales. A university library is open most of the year, and 24/7 at busy times. In the late spring to summer months, these sites require fewer visits as there are less students. As soon as the new term starts, sales pick up and we increase our visits. Doozy university sites receive most of their sales between October and March (64.7%). Other sites, such as a business, will only be open 9-5 and potentially have a lower footfall. Our Doozy showroom, based on a business estate, is quietest during holiday seasons. We fill the machines on weekday mornings, sales reach their peak at 11 am. Our Doozy hospitals are the most consistent sites with sales a little higher in the winter. It is worth noting that hospitals are open around the clock, throughout the year. For this reason, they tend to need the most visits.

We can guess how busy a site will be before we install the machines. However, by monitoring the data, we can get a more accurate picture. This information dictates how many times we send our staff out to fill, clean and take care of the machines.

This same data allows us to track exactly what products are sold. Our warehouse manager will then pack the right products for our team to take to site. This way, we can use smaller vans and our operators do not need to lug around tons of products; only for them to end up back in the van.



healthy vending oops fault labelRespond to issues

Unfortunately, working with machines means that sometimes things do go wrong. Often issues are easily fixable, but only if we know about them! Monitoring data allows us to spot when a machine is out of action. Then our engineers can go to site and solve the problem.



doozy healthy vending site

Collecting Doozy healthy vending data is essential to running our business efficiently. More than that, it helps us make decisions about our future. Whether offering different ways to pay or choosing the best healthy products. Not only do we benefit from our Doozy data but so do our clients and the customers who use our machines on site. We live in a data-driven world, it really can help our businesses for the better.


Alongside data-driven results, Doozy healthy vending has several benefits. You can check them out here.



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