Years of bad snacking decisions have left UK society in a bad way. But, we are starting to take note of the warning signs. Social trends are shifting towards healthier lifestyles, particularly with the desire for healthy snacks.

This trend stands out for us at Doozy. We have witnessed the switch from Mars to Graze and from Walkers to Eat Real. More and more customers are asking for healthy products, and a vast array of new options enter the market each year. We hand-select our healthy snacks for our Doozy machines. The sales speak for themselves.

Our preferences are changing. It is time to say goodbye to sugary, fatty bites and hello to the healthy snack revolution.

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The obesity warning signs

We cannot ignore the signs anymore. Our increasingly busy lifestyles ensure that snacking is a part of our everyday life. For years, calorie-loaded chocolate and fatty crisps have been the most popular snack choice. And it’s got us into a bad situation…

The number of obese adults increased from 14.9% in 1993 to 26.9% in 2015. Without some serious lifestyle changes, this statistic is predicted to rise as high as 50% by 2050.

Some people have even turned towards snacking over meals. Studies show that 30% of UK adults will skip one meal a day in favour of a snack.

Unsurprisingly, market research firm Kantar confirms our snacking habit. Their estimated results show that British people snack 8.3 times a week. It’s hard to distinguish how much of this is healthy snacks vs chocolate bars and crisps. Yet, from our Doozy data, we can confirm the popularity of healthy snacks is growing.

It is unlikely that our lives will slow down, so we expect snacking habits to continue. But we need to alter what we snack.


The acceptance that we must change

The warnings have not been ignored. And while we have been slow to respond as a society, changes are starting to happen.

The way we snack has transformed. It used to be an impulse decision, often made at a till or in front a vending machine. But now, we plan what we will snack during the week. This gives us time to make better choices at the supermarket. For example, it is estimated that 60% of Graze products are bought in advance. Places where you are likely to make impulse choices still, such as vending, are slowly becoming healthier. At Doozy, we provide a wide variety of healthy snacks, they make up 80% of our range. Other vending companies are starting to catch up.

Graze products the healthy snack revolution

Over the last few years, healthy eating has become somewhat of a trend. This is good news, those around us influence our own habits. According to a recent report, 80% of consumers are looking for healthy, balanced snacks.

Snacking has had a bad press over the last decade, as it is often associated with high fat and sugary items. But we believe it can be a positive activity when the right snacks are selected. 71% of adults say that snacking helps them control their hunger and manage their calories throughout the day. It is thanks to the development of such products that we can make healthier decisions.


The development of products

In tandem with our growing acceptance that we need to eat better, the healthy product market has developed. It is no longer a struggle to pick up healthy snacks on the go. You only need to go back 5 to 10 years to see how much this innovative market has excelled. As these newer, more intuitive brands have come onto the scene, so have more options for those with dietary requirements and preferences. For example, it is typical, even easy, to find gluten-free, vegan-friendly and lactose-free products today. In addition, we can get healthy snacks which are rich in fibre or protein.

Calorie content used to be an important contender for whether a product is classified as ‘healthy’. Yet, the importance of good ingredients has risen. Is the sugar natural or artificial? How much protein or fibre does the snack contain? Shoppers are getting savvier and making better choices because of it. Customers are responding to these new products by embracing them. The sales of ‘Better for you’ crisps and snacks shot up 20% last year.


Still a place for indulgence

Despite the definite change in people’s attitudes towards food, there is still space for indulgence. We can’t seem to get rid of our taste for treats, and why should we? 70% of respondents to one survey said there is a time and a place for healthy and indulgent snacks. Everyone deserves a little indulgence now and then. We need to get to the point where it is a treat and not an everyday occurrence.



The healthy snack revolution feature

The snacking market continues to grow globally. We now have more choice than ever. This is one revolution showing no signs of slowing down. We can’t wait to see what happens next.


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