The nation is in the midst of an obesity crisis and yet we are surrounded by sugary, high fat products. But the good news is that the popularity of healthier vending machines is on the rise.

Since the beginning of vending, the industry has continued to provide traditional products, ignoring rising calls for healthier vending machines, only introducing a healthy row of products as a gesture. But is this enough? As the most convenient way for people to get a snack or cold drink, vending needs to play its part and look for more healthier alternatives to fill their machines with. In 2015, in the UK alone, vending machines provided 922.2 million products (Source: Public Health England) undoubtably most of these fall within the high sugar/fat range.

Lets face it. There are hundreds of products available to us and yet we are still stuck in the habit of grabbing what we fancy, what we know we will like. A Mars Bar, a can of Coca-Cola, you name it. And yet, we discuss the obesity crisis, the need to change. By a vending company introducing healthier products to their range, they are providing a much wider choice to consumers who would otherwise reach for the traditional snack. There is no need to compromise on taste or profit either. Our Doozy case study at Salisbury District Hospital has proved that changing an entire site to healthier vending can increase sales.


Why the Popularity of Healthier Vending Machines is on the Rise


 The Obesity Epidemic

The vending industry has a role when it comes to tackling obesity. Healthier vending machines provide the options so people can make a healthier choice. When all that is available is high sugar products, it is harder for people to lead a healthy lifestyle. Back in 1980, only 8% of adults were obese but we are nearly 30 years on and the percentage has climbed to 33% of adults (Source: Obesity AC, 2018). This is partly due to lifestyle changes. People have hectic work schedules and this has led to the need for convenience snacks.

Fuelling the Body

Vending is easily the snack choice for those on the go. The fact is that food fuels the body and mind and the choices that we make in terms of food and drinks have an impact in the way that our body runs day to day. By making the healthy option the convenient option, customers have a choice to fuel their bodies with the good stuff rather than readily available junk food.

The Options

Healthier snacks reign supreme at the moment. There are so many options out there which mean that healthier vending machines can stock a variety of products that cater for a range of people. This includes products which are high in protein, vegan, gluten free, sweet and savoury.

Living a Healthy Lifestyle

Over 50% of consumers in the UK are eating packaged, healthier snacks – such as rice cakes, cereal bars and nuts – at least once a day, according to a new survey (Source: Wessanenuk, 2017). The survey also revealed that 65% of those asked said that living a healthy lifestyle is their top priority. This shows a positive shift in the attitudes of many people living in the UK that are striving to ensure that they are making the right choices for themselves and their families.

Introducing – Doozy Healthier Vending Machines

Our Doozy machines contain 80% healthier products for both snacks and cold drinks. You can have a look at our product guide here. At Doozy we are passionate about healthier vending machines and are always on the the lookout for new and exciting products as well as stocking our favourites for customers to enjoy.

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