Coffee Trends 2018 – How do Coffee Habits vary?

In May 2018, Yoyo  released a report on the coffee trends of 80,000 Yoyo App users and found some interesting results. Yoyo is essentially an app which offers an innovative way for consumers to pay. It allows brands to create their own loyalty ‘app’ and then consumers can pay through it. The report ran from January to March 2018. We decided it would make an interesting experiment to compare the information gathered with coffee trends of our own. Over the same period we served tens of thousands of coffees.

It is worth bearing in mind that as an app Yoyo’s customers are often purchasing their coffees on the high street. In contrast, Doozy customers purchase coffees through the education, healthcare, leisure and business sectors. This could have an impact on the hours that consumers buy their coffees, the types of coffee brought and the days they are brought on.

Here is how the data added up.


Coffee Trends 2018 – Coffee Consumption by the Hour:

Yoyo’s data found that people started drinking coffee at 6am, with the peak of the day between 8am and 9am (14.76%). From there it gradually decreases throughout the day, levelling off at 11ish and through the lunchtime hours. After lunch the need for a coffee drops considerably. Presumably this is because people have had their coffee ‘hit’ of the day.

Doozy’s figures showed that sales were slow before 6am, the few coffees consumed could be from sleepy students studying through the evening. Correlating with Yoyo’s stats, from 6am sales start to build up, although our peak sales are at 10am (10%), slightly later than the high street. Similarly, sales level off across lunchtime hours, between 12pm and 2pm. There appears to be a slight peak at 3pm, potentially when students are on break or hospital visiting hours. From 4pm the sales gradually slow down. As with Yoyo it seems that for post work/university, coffee is not the drink of choice.


Coffee Trend 2018 – Coffee Consumption by Day:

Yoyo found that coffee purchases were higher on a Wednesday and Thursday (31%), with Sundays receiving the lowest percentage of coffee buying. Our Doozy data demonstrated that whilst Sunday proved the same with considerable drop in sales, there was less difference across the rest of the week. A slight peak can be seen for Tuesday and Thursday (33%).


Coffee Trends 2018 – Who’s Popular?

For Yoyo the coffee type which came on top was a latte, with it taking over a third of the coffee consumption (37%). The americano followed with mocha tailing along with just 6% of coffee sales. Including other hot drinks, Doozy’s most popular is the hot chocolate (24%), probably due to the high level of students who use our machines. Taking that out of the equation and just focusing on coffee, latte reigns supreme (31%). Following in second place is the mocha (20%). Again, this is potentially due to the high levels of students. The espresso lagged behind as the least bought drink (2%). Interestingly Yoyo’s second popular drink, the americano came nearly last in our data and our second most popular came last in Yoyo’s data.


Coffee trends 2018Doozy vs Yoyo:

Overall our data seems to match Yoyo’s, varying a little. People are more likely to start their day of with a coffee and the trend shows a slow down after 3pm for both. The most popular day of week varies only slightly, with Sunday proving the least popular day for both and individual mid-week days generally doing more than the weekend. The most difference can be seen in the types of coffee purchased. Whilst latte was the most popular across the board, the runner up for Doozy, the mocha, was the least favourite in Yoyo’s data. The americano stood second for Yoyo and yet nearly last for Doozy.

The change in data between the two companies is most likely due to the different sites where people purchase coffee and consequently who buys it. For Yoyo, people within a high street shop could be a variety of demographics, however, its true that ‘app users’ in general may be a younger audience. Doozy customers can be narrowed down to students, gym goers, workers or potentially patients and visitors.

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