How sensible is it to snap up these markdowns?


Halloween is behind us and the Xmas countdown is now well underway. The annual gift-buying frenzy hangs in the air. You promised yourself that this year would be different… organised… but here we are, on the cusp of advent and… crickets.


But wait, the most anticipated shopping event of the year is here: it’s Black Friday.


Your email’s junk folder has been blitzed with promotional discounts in the weeks leading up to this extravaganza. Your social media feed is swamped with flash sales. These weighty reductions are particularly acute this year with the rising cost of living. But it raises the question: how sensible is it to snap up these markdowns?


Brands tend to capitalise on lower-than-ever prices by exploiting impulsive consumerism. By rushing you (the consumer) to part with your hard-earned money, the transaction is likely to be urgent and unthought-out. Promotional flash sales perpetuate this thoughtless overconsumption. Think of those videos of hysterical shoppers shamelessly prizing open automatic doors at opening time on Black Friday and haphazardly filling their trolleys.


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To meet the intake of bargain-hungry shoppers, retailers tend to overproduce goods, often compromising their ethical standards to offer steep discounts. This can pressure consumers into making impulsive and unnecessary purchases, resulting in buyer’s remorse. The excessive waste generated during the production process and the neglected purchases is a wildly unsustainable practice.


As a conscious consumer, you possess the tools to uncover the dark side of consumerism that Black Friday represents. So, before you hit that purchase button, take a moment to reflect. Consider advocating for positive change by shopping with thought and responsibility, or even opt to boycott the day altogether. Understanding the difference between what you want and what you need becomes clearer once you’ve educated yourself about the manipulative nature of materialism.


Top tip

Why not charity shop – it’s like totally cool now… Plus, it’s socially responsible with a charity of your choosing benefitting. Set up a clothing exchange with friends to rejuvenate your wardrobe for free. Another eco-friendly option is to buy and sell pre-loved clothing through online platforms like Vestiaire or Vinted.


In the spirit of consuming responsibly…

Our coffee is delicious and ethically responsible. We’ve partnered with 918 Coffee Co. to offer our Doozy customer base the tastiest, eco-roasted, espresso-based hot drinks. Our coffee grounds are repurposed after use. We send them back to the lovely people at 918 Coffee Co. who utilise them as fuel to roast new coffee. You can read all about it here.


Shop responsibly and push for a positive change this Black Friday.

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