Whether for a caffeine hit or pure enjoyment, we are mad about coffee. We use it to wake us up in the morning, for a social occasion, or as a pick me up during a long working day. Some like it strong, some like it weak. While it hasn’t quite overtaken tea as the nation’s favourite drink, it has become increasingly popular due to the large amount of coffee shops on the high street. And today, International Coffee Day, seems like the perfect time to talk about our coffee.

The last few years has seen the coffee industry get pretty complicated. Cold brews, fresh brews, flat white, macchiato, some we can’t even pronounce! It can lead to even the most accomplished of coffee drinkers feeling confused about which coffee they want. Whilst Costa proudly show off their wide collection of coffee choices, other brands are showing that simplicity is best. McDonalds have recently brought out a campaign stating just that.

Doozy provides that perfect balance, the simplest of coffees but also a choice of latte, cappuccino and mocha too.


All About Our Doozy Coffee on International Coffee Day

Finding the ideal coffee is no easy task. When we set out with Doozy we were looking for a company who offered more than just delicious coffee (although that remains the priority of course!). We found 918 Coffee, based in Shaftsbury, not far from Doozy HQ . They offered something rather unique. Their brand Eco-Roast is not only Fairtrade, but also incredibly environmentally friendly too. They collect the old coffee grounds from their clients and use them to roast the new coffee beans.

Once the coffee beans are placed in the machines, the settings have to be worked out to ensure consumers get the perfect cup of coffee, every time. This is done by a team at Doozy and is tested by the staff to guarantee it is set right.

Salisbury Hospital International Coffee Day

Types of Doozy Coffee

Standard Espresso

The foundation to all our coffee-based drinks. This short caffeine drink is perfect for hard core coffee lovers. While the strength of the espresso is a bit too bitter for some people’s taste, for others it is their go to coffee drink. A small drink but a large hit of coffee and taste.

Black Americano

A mix of hot water and a shot of espresso, the staple coffee drink. Our americanos feature a small amount of crema (a creamy foam that tops espresso shots).

White Americano

Adds a little milk to take the edge of the standard americano.


The best-selling Doozy coffee. An espresso-based drink with steamed milk. The latter adds a sweetness to the coffee.


Not too dissimilar to a latte, but this coffee favourite has more foam but less milk, and the shot of coffee is added at the end rather than at the beginning of the process. This makes it taste slightly stronger – once past the froth!


For chocolate lovers. A mix of hot chocolate and coffee. A caffeine fix for those who want a much sweeter hot drink.


Our figures tell us the latte is the coffee of choice for our customers. What is your favourite coffee drink?

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